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WWE 'Thursday Night RAW', is the newest WWE wrestling brand. TNR broadcasts weekly each Thursday.

*This is all a part of a WWE roleplay. This is not real and we are not affiliated with the WWE. See here for more details/if you have questions.*

It’s time for the main event to start. In what was scheduled to be Cody Rhodes vs. Evan Bourne, we now have Dean Ambrose vs. Evan Bourne with Kofi Kingston at ringside instead. The extent of Cody’s urgent exit is still unknown at this point, but, the focus isn’t on him. It’s on the two competitors in the ring. The ref is about ready to start when Dean calls for a mic from the timekeeper. He obliges and it’s not long until Ambrose is ready to speak his mind. “Ya know, you two may have won the Tag Titles from Rhodes and I, but, that means next to nothing. That match wasn’t near as exciting as it should’ve been. You two were about as dull as dry paint…” The crowd reacts negatively to Dean’s words, but, the tag champs don’t look too amused. “So, I’ve come up with a stipulation. Whoever wins this match gets to choose the match type for our Pay-Per-View rematch.” Before Evan can even answer, it seems like Kofi’s answered on behalf of the team. “Great! Start the match.”

The bell finally rings and both men lock up, but it’s Bourne who gets the early advantage, backing Slater into the corner and pelting him with forearms. This continues for a few moments, until Dean fires back with his own forearm and a knee to the gut. He hiptosses Evan out of the corner and, as he gets to his feet, Ambrose dropkicks him down. He gets Bourne into a position against the ropes and bashes his forearm down across his chest and then applies pressure with it. The ref breaks it up because they’re in the ropes, but, it doesn’t stop him from pulling Bourne out into the center of the ring and flipping him over with a chickenwing suplex. Quickly, he grabs his legs and starts to put him into the Sharpshooter, turning Kingston over. Sean’s made sure to position them just enough to where he can taunt Kofi on the outside while making his partner suffer. Evan begins clawing towards the ropes, hoping to break free of the submission hold, but, not before Ambrose sits down deeper on the Sharpshooter. Finally, Bourne gets enough leverage that he’s able to reach the ropes, forcing the referee to break the hold. Evan gets up to his feet, but, Ambrose is taunting him. “Get up, you son of a bitch!” Step up enziguri to the back of the head! Bourne goes down holding his head and Ambrose runs and dropkicks him low, right in the face.

Ambrose rams Bourne’s head into the top turnbuckle. Bourne elbows him back and then spins around with a knee. He goes for another, but, Ambrose does a jumping kick to the face. He taps the side of his head smugly as he spots his opposition beginning to rise, quickly going on the offensive now with a barrage of forearm shots to the side of the head that edge him back into the ropes, before then taking a few steps back and looking to clothesline his opponent over them. That proves to be not so wise when Evan trips him up with a drop toe hold. 

Now, the ball’s in the opposite court. Evan Bourne stomps the hell out of him, much to Kofi’s delight. He picks him up and then drops him back down with a massive series of headbutts. He picks Ambrose back up and goes to whip him into the corner, but, it gets countered. Ambrose follows it up by executing a beautiful standing dropkick. Bourne falls back into the corner, hits the turnbuckle, and yet again staggers forward, refusing to fall down. He locks him up and, before he can even consider what move he is going to do next, Bourne hits another headbutt.

Bourne charges Ambrose and hits a running DDT that would make his his old trainers proud. He picks up the WWE Champion and drops him back down with a belly to belly suplex. He capitalizes on the belly to belly by stomping on his head. He grabs him and pulls him up to his feet by his hair and then double chops him in the chest. He whips Dean into the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick that takes him down. He hits a single snapmare into a cobra clutch and has Ambrose hooked up, but, Dean gets to the ropes almost instantly and the referee calls for the break. Kofi can’t help but drum up crowd support for his tag partner. Before Dean can capitalize on the break, Evan catches him with a quick back elbow. He once again goes on the attack with some forearm blows, but, each shot only seems to be firing up Ambrose that much more, making him angrier and angrier until the shots have no effect whatsoever! With veins bulging, Dean lets out a roar…but, Bourne leaps into the air and brings his head down into his knees with a facebuster type move!

Bourne is about to continue the assault when, out of desperation, Ambrose pokes his eye. That gives him enough time to grab him, whip him into the ropes, and connect with a dropkick. Gaining some momentum, Ambrose jumps onto the ropes and lands a MOONSAULT on his opponent. He picks his opposition back up and yet another Irish whip. This time, on the return, he tosses Bourne up and over with a BACK BODY DROP. Evan, prumably pissed off from all the Irish whipping, pops back up to his feet and charges. Dean ducks out of the way. Evan pivots and is greeted by a slap to the chest and then another slap to the chest. No one is counting, but, he manages to land about six, seven, or maybe even EIGHT clean slaps to the chest of Evan. Kofi tries to yell encouragement from the outside as his partner is losing it. Ambrose hits Bourne with boot to the midsection and hits a DDT. 

Dean, feeling the advantage come back to him, grabs Evan up by the back of the head. He then runs forward with him, launching him directly into the steel part of the turnbuckle post. Everyone is shocked at what they saw as Bourne clutches his face, screaming in agony. Blood starts pours out of the open wound that’s beginning to form. Ambrose wastes no time picking Bourne back up. Evan, who’s still trying to fight back gets his next move cut off by a poorly delivered spin kick to the gut. Dean then hits a TORNADO DDT as Evan attempts to stand! Kofi, bound by the rules, can’t do anything but watch. Ambrose picks Bourne back up and goes to hook him for a suplex of some nature, but, Bourne counters and hits a suplex of his own. Both men are back up on their feet. Evan charges Dean and it looks like he is going to give him a football style tackle, but, Ambrose counters with a sleeper hold. NO, almost. He gets behind him and gets the arm around the neck. NO! Evan is too quick and is able to slip out and slip behind him! Arms around the waist…Evan hits a backdrop driver! He covers…1…2..NO!!! Bourne picks him back up and, again, hits another backdrop driver! Both men lay lifeless on the mat. Kofi is on the outside, banging on the apron and getting the crowd to clap along to get Evan back up. He’s slow to his feet and the WWE Champion is a bit faster. He has a gleam in his eye as he grabs Evan up and brings him up to his feet. It looks like he’s about to go for the Midnight Express, but, Kofi quickly intervenes. He gets on the ring apron and starts shouting at Ambrose. Having their own personal issues, Dean shoves Bourne away and goes for his partner. The two are soon in each other’s faces, shouting and arguing with each other. Ambrose is about to strike when whatever plan Kingston had in mind seemed to work. Out of nowhere, Evan quickly grabs his opponent and rolls him up in a school boy! Kofi has this grin on his face as Evan tries his damndest to keep the pin…..1……2…….3!!! As soon as the bell rings to end the match, Evan springs forward and out of the ring. Dean is infuriated at what just happened, but, there isn’t a thing he could do about it. His supposed plan for the stip for Ambrodes’ rematch has officially backfired.