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WWE 'Thursday Night RAW', is the newest WWE wrestling brand. TNR broadcasts weekly each Thursday.

*This is all a part of a WWE roleplay. This is not real and we are not affiliated with the WWE. See here for more details/if you have questions.*

This has been one hell of a pay per view, the crowd was exhausted at their constant cheering for hours. But after all the wait, it was time for the main event of the night. Dean Ambrose’s theme hit as the WWE champion made his way to the stage. He was attacked with a lot of boos from the crowd. He was smiling however, he couldn’t care any less than he did already, his mind was just set on one thing. Keeping his WWE title. And maybe hurting the Deadman as well. He made his way to the ring walking down the ramp with a little grin on his face, he couldn’t believe the amount of hate he received from this crowd, it was o much that he couldn’t contain his laughter. He took off his belt and held it up taunting the people, mouthing that they were “nobodies”. The crowds boos had never seemed to lessen, they were so emphatically loud that they were so ear piercing. All Ambrose did however, was just stand in the center of the ring, and laugh.

His smirk soon turned into a determined straight face however once the first gong hit and the lights went out. It was pitch black in the arena and all of the boos were gone. They were turned into a frenzy of cheers and clapping and brutal hypeness. This was also very ear piercing. The crowd wanted to see a new champion. The locker room wanted to see a new champion, they can’t deal with Ambrose as the champ anymore. They all thought Undertaker would make a great WWE Champion. As the lights went out, the crowd whipped out their lighters and lit them up in the crowd as the fire bursted from the ground and the Undertaker walked onto the stage. He was looking at the floor and then he stared up at his opponent, who stared right back at him with a nasty looking smile. Taker let out a snarl and proceeded towards the ring, he could not wait to get his hands on Ambrose and tear him apart limb from limb. He walked and pulled off his coat and shades and stepped into the ring. The referee then started the bell.

Undertaker wasted no time. He charged his opponent swiftly, he connected with a series of lefts and rights, Ambrose tried to cover his face and torso region, some would mistake this opening for a boxing match. Taker was landing very heavy blows on the Champion. He was then backed up into a corner. He was met by another series of rights and lefts, each hit making a loud impact that echoed throughout the arena, it was almost sickening. This was it, the Deadman is now letting out his frustration. He is hungry for that gold. The refs count was up to 4, so Taker had to back off. Ambrose retaliated and charged the Deadman. He connected with a clothesline and stomped the air out of the Deadman. His stomping never seemed to stop but when it did, he dropped his knee onto the deadmans chest. He was not giving his opponent any time to breathe. This was very sickening for the crowd to watch. Taker was being mauled in the early going. As Ambrose dropped the knee, he connected with a series of punches to the Deadman’s skull. He then got up again and dropped 3 more knees onto the sternum. The ref had seen enough and pulled Ambrose off. He then ran and connected with a running leg drop onto his fallen foe.

Pin. 1-2! Kick out

Taker rolled around in the ring gasping for air and finally pulled himself up, but when he did he was met by a clubbing blow to the back of the head by his opponent. He stumbled forward a  bit and then turned around and was met by a right hand to the skull .He blocked the next punch and grabbed Ambrose by the throat and pushed him across the ring. Ambrose got up and charged Taker again and he was met by a big boot. Taker no dropped his legdrop and dropped to his knees and punched the day lights out of Ambrose, right after left after rights after lefts. Taker got up to his feet and took a short rest in the corner. He watched Ambrose slowly make his way to his feet, he then ran and connected with a flying clothesline to his groggy opponent. He then picked up Dean and threw him out the ring. Taker followed him out there, he picked up his opponent again and landed a knee to his gut and then a huge right hand dropping Ambrose to the floor again. Taker turned his attention to the announcers table. He reached and lifted the hood off dropped it and he proceeded to pull the monitors off.

Little did he know, Ambrose was up and he was measuring his opponent. He charged the Deadman as he turned around and connected with a spear, Taker landed on his back with a sickening thud, as he clutched his ribs. Ambrose them picked him up and threw him into the steel steps, Undertaker flipped over hitting his knee. The crowd is a bit restless, whats going on? Taker should be putting up much more of a fight. I mean come on…he’s Taker. Taker did not want to have anymore of this, but he was picked up by his opponent and was sent to fly into the steel ring post, but it was countered and it was in fact Ambrose’s skull who met the steel. As his head hit the post, he was busted open immediately. Blood stained the ring post. He blood was now pouring down his face as he grimaced at his pain. Undertaker showing no remorse hit Ambrose with a boot right to the open wound. He then dragged his seemingly lifeless carcass over to the announce table. He picked up Ambrose and dropped him onto the table, making his head meet the edge of the table so that it wouldn’t break. Breaking the table wasn’t his intention…yet. Taker did this a total of three more times, Ambrose’s face was now almost completely red. The table was stained with his blood immensely. Taker rolled Ambrose back into the ring and went for the pin.

Pin. 1-2…kickout. The crowd couldn’t believe it, neither could Taker.

He picked up Ambrose who shoved Taker into the referee, the ref was out for now. Taker not caring at what just happened to the official decided to go back on the attack but he was met by a low blow was Ambrose, dropping the American badass to the floor. Ambrose got up, bloodied up and all, picked up his opponent on his shoulder and dumped him outside the ring. He noticed the ref was down and looked to take advantage of it. With Taker rolling in pain due to the after affects on that low blow, Ambrose picked up a steel chair and assaulted Undertaker’s knee. Blow after blow, the sounds were heard throughout the whole arena. Ambrose was looking to break the Undertaker’s knee and perhaps cause permanent damage. He looked to retire the deadman. After the damage was seemingly done, he picked up the deadman on his shoulders and turned towards the exposed announce table. His intentions was a running powerslam through the table, but Taker saw through this act. He hopped off his shoulder, and choked the man. Placed his arm around his shoulder, picked him up and slammed him down, a chokeslam through the table. The crowd was cheering emphatically. Ambrose appeared to be outcold. Taker got up to his feet, a bit slow due to the damage caused to his knee. He picked up Ambrose and threw him into the ring again in which he crawled into and went for the pin. Cover.

1-2-kick out. The crowd exclaimed “AWWWW” out of disappointment. Ambrose was one tough son of a bitch. He had a lot of fight in him. But Undertaker was frustrated. The ref made his way back to his feet, holding his head as he surveyed the condition Ambrose was in. Taker then picked up Ambrose again and connected with several punches to the sternum and backed him into a corner. He landed rights and lefts, headbutts, all to the cut up skull of the champion. Blood seemed to be all over the ring at this point. Tiny drops of red blood from the champion. It looked like all Taker had to do was connect with a big move and it was over and he knew it, he was a veteran after all. Ambrose laid motionless on the floor, he looked like he was beaten. There was not much he could do, Undertaker was closing in on the WWE title. The crowd cheered their hero on. Taker picked up Ambrose and twisted his arm and set up for Old School. Walking the ropes he jumped and connected with a clubbing blow to the back of his opponents head, dropping him to the floor hard. He then connected with a leg drop. And finally, he stood over to the side of the ring and signaled the end was near.

Taker was measuring his opponent, waiting to strike with the tombstone piledriver. Finally Ambrose made his way to his feet, he wobbled around like he had just gotten shot in the chest or something and his eyes widened as he was picked up and turned upside down by the deadman. He kicked his legs however and escaped the deadmans wrath, but not being able to stay on his feet; Ambrose dropped onto his knees and made a desperation move. He low blowed Taker again, right in the plain sight of the referee, Taker headed for the floor in pain. The bell was rung.

The crowd did not know what had just happened, they were concerned for the Undertaker who was in pain. The referee looked at both men and then shook his head out of disappointment and turned to the ringside announcer and told him his decision. The following was said:

“And the winner of this match due to disqualification….THEEEE UNNDDERRRTAKERRR”

The crowd was cheering so loudly, so proudly, they were so hyped up, but then it was soon killed by the next following set of words.

“But, the WWE Title cannot change hands due to disqualification so therefore, STILL WWE CHAMPION..DEAAANNN AMMBROSE.”

Ambrose slowly made his way to his feet, blood everywhere on his face, all over his hands, he held a sadistic smile on his face as the ref handed him the WWE title reluctantly, he then fell and rolled his way out the ring and practically crawled his way up the ramp. Taker got back up to his feet, enraged at the decision of the match and stared at the referee. He then picked up the ref and set him up for the tombstone. After he was done, he walked over to the edge of the ring and stared at Ambrose, he then signaled the end is near and stared at Ambrose, who smiled at the deadman, still proud to be champ.

This wasn’t over, no…this was just the beginning…