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*This is all a part of a WWE roleplay. This is not real and we are not affiliated with the WWE. See here for more details/if you have questions.*
  • Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
  • Jake Carter vs Sami Callihan (c) [Intercontinental Championship]
  • Tornado Tag Ladder Match [WWE Tag Team Titles]
  • Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Shelly Martinez [Women’s Championship]
  • Chuck Taylor (c) vs. Cody Rhodes [WWE Championship]
  • Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Card subject to change.

As Raw returned from commercial break, attention automatically was shifted over to the ring where Dean Ambrose was pacing the nearest side in front of the commentary team. His eyes going back and forth between glancing back up at the ramp and around him at the fans who just stared in disbelief as he’d began reaching up just smacking his head with the palm of his hand before shaking it off. Finally the familiar sounds of ‘Kountry Gentleman’ by Family Force 5 blast through the arena and fans divided with mixed reactions as a serious looking Chuck Taylor came out while looking at Ambrose as he came out as if he was a man on a mission with Veda Scott behind him. However he stopped midway and turned to her, handing her over the WWE championship before pulling her in close to give her a quick kiss on the forehead before they separated. Him obviously have asked her to go back and not attend ringside during this match which was very personal and a long time coming.

The Kentucky Gentleman slid underneath the bottom rope rather quickly, getting up to his feet now with his eyes locked on the other man before the referee signalled for the bell as it was apparent these two were ready to get it over with. Both coming to the middle but not for a lock up as Taylor began swinging, beating down on Ambrose who never saw it coming as the champion was exposing a more serious and vicious side. Dean was beat down further onto one knee before finding within him to get a good grip on Chuck before tackling him back first into the nearest corner, throwing his own punches to catch his opponent in the midsection a few times before reaching up and grabbing Taylor’s hair as he proceeded to yell in his face. “Come on! You angry? Just think how fucking angry you’re going to be when I fuck your whore right in front of you!” Pow, a right fist right to the side of Ambrose’ jaw just to make him stumble back but as he came back Chuck caught him this time with a huge uppercut that nearly knocked him off his feet.

Still, Ambrose came back again after a few seconds completely avoiding what was meant to be a superkick and as Taylor turned around Dean caught him with a huge lariat that nearly took off his head. Crowd getting more vocal in their displeasure as the Ohioan began stomping down on his opponent as hard as he could, grabbing onto the top rope even as he began jumping up and stomping down with both feet on the champions frame before he rolled right underneath the bottom rope to get out of harms way. Not good enough though as he lazily stood right beside the ring to catch his breath as Ambrose reached in now trying to grab the other by the hair to pull him back in, getting him on his knees onto the apron before Chuck was able to grab Dean’s head and yank it down catching his neck on the top rope. Then the Kentucky native getting down from the apron and reaching under the bottom rope quickly to yank the psychopath’s feet until he hit the mat, yanking him out of the ring with him where the two began throwing punches. But it was obvious Taylor got the advantage for the slight second before going further as he began pushing the other man into the other direction until Dean’s head bounced off the ring post and his body hit the ground.

“Bring it back in the ring Taylor!” demands from the referee as the Kentucky Gentleman reached down to grab ahold of Ambrose’s in order to roll him back into the ring as he turned around to the fans, a shit eating grin appearing on his lips as he gave out one of his evil high pitched laughter before then rolling himself back into the ring. Only as he got to his feet Dean quickly got to his too and began pounding onto the champion just flailing his limbs around in the process just hitting down on the other man in whatever free range he could get before grabbing a hold of his hair again as he pulled them to the nearest corner. Ambrose now hoisting himself up to sit on the top turnbuckle as he attempted to grab the champion who continued to fight it off, catching his opponent in the jaw before receiving a huge head butt for his troubles. The Ohio native now snatching Chuck into his grip as he wrapped his left arm around the champions neck, jumping forward and twisting his body around as he drilled Taylor’s head into the mat with a tornado DDT and then going to attempt to end it early with a pin.



Chuck kicks out by the time the third hand ever hit the mat, attempting to roll over and get back to his feet however Dean pulled him back to where his back was flat against the mat before getting on top of the champion as he began once more assaulting him with his fists. For a bit Ambrose had the control again as the referee tried to separate the two but as he did Taylor got the upper hand, rolling them over and returning the favor as his pent up anger towards the other man continued to show with each punch. Mid way in though both began to get up exchanging blows once more as Dean managed to reverse it, getting Chuck into the corner as he leaned forward trying to bite the other man who began yelling frantically at the referee who began to get in the middle of them. “I don’t know what you have you fucking lunatic!” the champion yelled but to get nothing more than yanked right out of the corner as he was sent to the other side.

Dean charged forth but was caught with an elbow to send him stumbling back as Taylor climbed up onto the top before flipping backwards as Ambrose ducked underneath, Chuck landing on his feet so by the time the Ohioan turned around he was grabbed up by the champion who flipped him back with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and kipping back up to his feet afterwards. A smug look clearly seen on the champions face while Dean despite landing on the mat was showing upset for falling for such a typical Chuck Taylor type of move as he slammed his hand onto the mat while slowly starting to get back to his knees. The Kentucky Gentleman turned back around only to get tackled again but into the ropes where he was able to shove the crazed man off who was determined to continue his beat down on him, getting him off was the easy task but keeping him off was not. Eventually Chuck squirmed free after catching Ambrose with another hit to the jaw and once turned around he hit his opponent with a dropkick that sent the Ohio native back to the other side of the ropes where he slipped in between the middle before coming back and catching the champion off guard with a lauriat.

Both remained on the mat for a few seconds just laying there, breathing heavy as they tried to catch their breath while the referee looked over them a bit but not able to start the count because each of them refused it. Taylor sitting up while Dean whipped his head around as he got to his knees, glancing back at his opponent like an animal who just spotted his prey again as they both slowly got to their feet again with the unstable superstar stalking the champion. Now turning around Chuck was caught in the grip of the madman as he turned him around before planting him into the mat head first with a headlock driver. Again Ambrose went for the pin but the champion managed to kick out at two, almost not getting his shoulder up in time but still getting safe which aggravated the Ohioan to no end. Flopping over on top of Taylor, Dean began lashing out at him again just coming down on top of the other with his fists and nearly not even stopping as the referee was motioning him to stop. And once he did, Ambrose got the champion up to his feet before going and driving him into the nearest corner by bouncing his head off the top turnbuckle, not once but three times before Chuck’s body just fell forward into a slump even if he tried to get himself up.

Once more the ruthless Dean Ambrose began stomping down on the Kentucky native’s body right along his back and catching him in the side as well, kicking him right in the kidneys for further measure as Taylor flailed around trying to get from the corner. But Dean began mumbling something while pushing the champions face into the middle turnbuckle before pressing his foot against the back of the mans head trying to drive his face into it as Chuck kicked his legs around trying to get back up to his knees. Suddenly the fans began giving another mixed reaction as the crazed Ohioan looked up to see Veda Scott coming down the ramp barking demands that he stop. “Referee do your job!” she began, after getting no compliance from Ambrose but just as she’d spoken up Su Yung came running down the ramp and tackled the redhead down to the ground. Both girls screaming and attacking one another as they continued to reverse around every now and then to get the upper hand. Meanwhile back in the ring it had caused but a little distraction as Chuck was yanked out from the corner like a ragdoll and continued to take more of Dean’s anger in forms of a headbutt before getting whipped from one side of the ring to the other.

Out of nowhere though Chuck managed to leap right over Ambrose’s attack, confusing him and making him turn around instantly only to get a super kick which sent him down to the mat instantly but the Kentucky Gentleman also falling to in a seated position. There was no way he was going to get a pin, none, but Taylor still managed to push through it even while taking a glance back to see both Veda and Su hashing it out.  Crawling over to Ambrose who was stirring the two now getting to where there was an exchange of blows even though the Ohio native remained on his back, trying to sit up occasionally while fighting off his opponent. Still it was no use and as he got the upper hand Chuck easily took it back while giving a headbutt of his own to daze Ambrose. Quickly the champion rolled the other man over onto his stomach, stomping down on his leg for good measure when he tried to fight it. The two struggled for a few moments before Taylor finally got a hold of Dean’s leg now putting him into a Cross Crab and leaning back to put some pain on both his opponents leg and upper back. This was enough to get Ambrose to be vocal as he shook his head, cursing it and the champion while he tried to make it to the ropes.

It looked almost as if he were about to give, Dean taking more punishment than expected out of Chuck who kept jerking back on his leg in order to try and get him to tap. But as he kept his attention turned around to try and look at his opponent in that hold he’d failed to see Su slide underneath the ring who then came at him with her favorite weapon of choice, but instead the Kentucky Gentleman turned around in time now dropping the hold to duck the charge with the weapon but as Yung swung around she shot out a hand and decked the champion right across the face. Instantly the referee called for the bell and as Ambrose was there getting himself together Taylor was already recovered from her hit like it didn’t phase him but anger him further. “Keep your nose out of my fucking business!” the irony in the champions words as he instantly grabbed Su by her long dark hair before tossing her over right into Dean to send them both down to the mat again before the two of them began arguing and pushing each other. All this happening as Chuck got out of the ring and went to go check on his girlfriend but as he did an angry Cody Rhodes barreled into him, the number one contender having finally come down to ringside.

The two men began to brawl right there on the ramp, Chuck managing to kick Rhodes off him from where they’d hit the ground with the contender’s tackle. Jumping to their feet, both men went straight for each other, throwing punches with enough force that one would never suspect they had each been in brutal contests beforehand. Cody’s attack seemed to revitalize Chuck and the champion had no issue landing a series of shots to the Georgia native’s head, shoving him back into the ring barrier. Cody wasn’t about to take it, though, catching Chuck by shoulders and spinning to slam him into the barrier himself, the champion’s back arching in pain but not getting a chance to express it as Cody’s fist came down rapidly on him.

Before the onslaught could go on much longer, however, Veda flew at Rhodes from behind and leapt onto his back. Her arm hooked around his neck, other hand coming down in a wild attack on any part of his body that she could reach from her position. The cameras quickly blinked away from the event to where Su Yung’s attention had been drawn away from her argument with Dean, the Asian looking about to climb out of the ring to join the fight as well. She never got the chance, however, as Cody had suddenly yanked Veda straight from her position on his back and into a sidewalk slam directly on the hard metal of the ramp. Rolling to his feet immediately, Rhodes met the wide-eyed champion’s look with a glare of his own, seeming neither pleased with nor sorry for leaving the diva sprawled out on the ramp as he had. Within seconds, Chuck had launched at Cody with an enraged yell but Rhodes only dodged out of the way, using the champion’s momentum to send him propelling into the ring barrier on the opposite side of the ramp.

“Are you happy, Taylor?” Cody could be heard yelling at the champion as he recovered from the collision, lightly kicking Veda’s prone body with his boot. “Now when you say it’s my doing that your precious girlfriend is hurt, it won’t be a fucking lie!”

As soon as he’d finished, Chuck had collided with his midsection and driven him directly back against the barricade. “I’m going to fucking kill you!” Fists were flying between the two men, though it was obvious that Chuck had the upper hand from the start as he relentlessly attacked the man trapped beneath him. Yells and curses could be heard from both men and for once neither Su nor Dean took it upon themselves to get involved, both looking on from the ring as the fight went on. Eventually, referees and officials had flooded the ringside area, some checking on Veda while most were trying to pry Chuck off of Cody. It was all for naught, however, because as soon as Chuck was yanked up and away, Cody was on his feet and returning the favor by leaping straight over the men trying to restrain the livid champion to continue the brawl. The entire crowd toppled to the ground and fists were flying once more, but somehow Chuck managed to get his hands around Cody’s throat with clear intentions to strangle him.

By that point, Dean came back into the fight, taking advantage of the chaos of the officials to slam his boot right into the side of Chuck’s head. He repeated the action, stomping directly onto the man’s throat as more officials tried to pull him off (luckily making it a weak stomp). As Taylor choked and fought to bring air back into his lungs, officials were already yanking Cody and Dean back from him. Johnny Gargano was the next to appear in the fray, coming out of no where to leap right onto Dean and start throwing punches of his own. Cody promptly yanked free of the men restraining him and crashed into Gargano, knocking him off his friend and giving Dean the opportunity to descend on Johnny himself as Chuck finally managed to get back into the fray, once again tackling Cody around the waist to the ground. This time he caught hold of the man’s head and started to slam it into the ground, only managing it a couple times before he was yanked off again.

By now, it was more than just officials and referees ringside trying to break up the men. Triple H could be seen at the top of the stage sending down superstars to help break up the mayhem down below. As Sami Callihan, and CM Punk could be seen helping pull Chuck off Cody and restrain him, Dolph Ziggler and Bad News Barrett could be seen restraining Cody. The majority of the officials had converged on Dean, no superstar really wanting to lay hands on the psychopath while Kofi Kingston and Curt Hawkins were seen talking down Johnny.

“Renee Young here, again with your Girlfriend’s Favorite, AND your number one contender for the intercontinental title, Jake Carter.”  Renee began as the broadcast turned to the backstage area, Jake slowly coming into frame  “Jake, on the last show, The COO, Triple H, seemed to think really highly of you, naming you as the contender for Money in the Bank with well, you’ve only been back a few weeks, how did you manage to leap over the competition?”

Jake grinned and looked to one side before flicking his tongue to wet his lips.  “It’s pretty simple, I mean, Look at him, look at me, it’s plain to see.  I LOOK Like a champion, I CARRY myself as a champion.  I’ve got the breeding, the look, the charisma the talent, He said it all himself.”

“Jake, aside from that, there are several other competitors who could fit the bill just as well, How are you more deserving?”  Renee inquired before placing the microphone back under Jake.

“It’s easy, I love my job, I do my job.  To be honest, sometimes you just gotta do what you’re told.  There’s a difference between selling out, and doing what’s best for you.  Am I gonna lick boots? No, but if it’s something mutually advantageous, like, let’s say taking the title from a slightly unhinged butterball, sure, why not.”

Renee tilted her head and gave Jake a disapproving glare. “That wasn’t nice Jake.”  Jake’s prompt response was a shrug.  “Wasn’t meant to be, can’t always be nice.”

“Renee, I’m a decent guy, I am.  Think for a minute though, ask anybody in the back about me, most of ‘em think I’m a joke.  I like a good laugh, sure but right after Hunter mentioned me being the the next in line, ‘ Sami’s got my vote, Jake’s crazy’  What I really don’t understand, is all of them.”

Renee abruptly held up her hand.  “Jake I’m really not sure there’s time for this.”

Jake swatted her hand away. “Don’t be rude. This is an interview right?”

Renee looked at him, taken aback by the reaction she received.

“Right, GOOD,  that’s what I thought.  I don’t understand how I’m one of the sanest people here, and no one ever EVER gets it.  Congratulations, you can throw promos quoting biblical aspects, throw metaphors everywhere, but as soon as the lowest common denominator doesn’t can’t get to ‘X doesn’t like Y, X is going to fight Y and win’ you’ve lost everyone.  What, do I need to hold all of your hands through the basic thought processes?  This is the entertainment business, CLEARLY most of the people we work with are in the silent movies, and I’m in a present day blockbuster.  So here’s my theory in PLAIN straightforward english.”

Renee held the microphone still, slightly leaning towards him as if hanging on his next words.

“Sami, at Money in the Bank, I’m going to beat you down, stand on your chest, and pin you for the intercontinental title.  I’m going to take the title, and I’m going to parade it around like a Macy’s float at thanksgiving.  Everyone’s gonna know I took it from you, and when you get your rematch, I’m gonna do it all over again.  Sami, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. You’ve got Champion’s advantage,so if you really want you can get yourself disqualified since you and yours like all the weapons and crap, but I’m just Jake Carter, Pretty boy legacy, so I’m sure you wouldn’t need that right? I’m not worth any indie star pricks needing to lower themselves to needing a DQ to keep the title right?  Or are you another one of those ‘the title doesn’t mean anything’ types?  Whatever, I’m done. Hope the lowest common denominator picked up on that.”  

Jake abruptly walked away, leaving Renee, as always slightly confused, and unsure of how to carry on.  “Remember everyone, Jake Carter challenges Sami Callihan for the intercontinental championship next week at money in the bank!”

Summer Rae was out first, playing to the crowd and fluffing her hair at the top of the ramp as Rush of Power played. She blew an exaggerated kiss to the audience as #Emmalution began to play, the leader of the movement coming out to meet her and starting the dance off for the rest of the crowd to follow. Obviously over from the start, they made their way to the ring, Emma awkwardly skinning the cat and raising her hands in victory when she landed on the inside of the ropes while Summer perched on the turnbuckle and posed, one long leg extended out.

The Spookshow Baby Remix ended any of their shenanigans, Emma not bothering to hide her sour expression while Summer took a more diplomatic approach and focused on stretching while the team of BitchCraft walked out of the curtain. The crowd was a mix of reactions, cheers overtaking as Buggy stopped near the end of the barricades and hugged one of the little girls in the audience. It quickly went south, though, as Britani slapped the drink out of the little girl’s father’s hand then sneered. Buggy grabbed her by her shoulders and directed her up the stairs, getting in the ring first then taking her by the hands to lead her through the ropes.

The ref approached Summer and Emma first, telling them to get rid of anything that could be used as a weapon before doing a cursory search. Though Emma played around some, like switching her legs when the ref went for one, Summer complied and let him pat her boot covers down. He declared them clean and moved to the opposite corner where he searched Buggy first, finding a lolly pop stashed in her bra to which she sheepishly grinned, obviously having forgotten about hiding it there. He went to check Britani who gave him a withering glare, actually pulling her leather jacket tighter to her and getting even more jeers from the crowd. The ref informed her that if she didn’t lose the jacket and agree to the pat down, he’d eject her from the match, so she reluctantly complied, only to slap him when she felt his hands lingered too long in any one place.

Summer fought the urge to roll her eyes at Britani, trying to remain as indifferent as possible as the pair across the ring figured out who would go first. Summer stepped outside the ropes and took her place as she offered a few last words of encouragement to Emma. When Summer realized that Britani would be starting the match out she almost wished she’d chosen to go first herself. After the incident backstage she couldn’t wait to get her hands on the English Diva. Even as the match started and Emma and Britani squared off Summer was still lost in her own head, anger oozing from every inch of her as she stared intently at the pair in the ring.

Emma continued dancing to whatever song she was currently hearing in her head until the bell rung and she and Britani circled each other, sizing one another up. The pair locked up in the center of the ring, struggling for control until Britani managed to trap Emma in the corner. She held the Australian there until the referee made her step back. As soon as Emma launched herself from the corner Britani was quick to take the blonde down and go for an early cover. The ref had barely counted one before Emma kicked out and shoved Britani off of her. Both women quickly jumped to their feet and this time it was Emma who took down Britani and went for a quick pin but, like her opponent, Britani wasted little time in kicking out. Once back on their feet the two women circled each other again, a vicious scowl covering Britani’s face. Even Emma’s normally smiling face was serious as the two stared one another down. As they locked up once more Britani quickly gained control and caught Emma in a headlock.

Britani led the still trapped Emma over to their corner, tagging in Nova and tossing the Australian into the turnbuckles, stomping her in the midsection for good measure before swapping out. Buggy repeated the action before flipping her out of the corner by her hair so that she landed flat on her back in the middle of the ring. Buggy stayed on her, catching her from behind with a dropkick to her spine when she sat up. Quickly getting up, Buggy picked her up for up for the Plan B, but Emma squirmed her way out of it. She elbowed Buggy in the midsection a few times then whipped her into the near corner hard enough to send the Californian slumping to the mat. Pointing to her, she motioned for the EmmaMite Sandwitch and nailed it, coming out of the corner and taking Buggy with her, looking for an EmmaLock, but Buggy somehow reversed it into a swinging neckbreaker, leaving both women flat on their backs in the middle of the ring.

Summer was leaned over the ropes as far as possible as she held out her hand and yelled words of encouragement to Emma, the crowd cheering on the Australian Diva as well as both Emma and Buggy struggled to make it to their partners. Finally, with one last push, both divas managed to tag their respective teammates in. As the crowd roared Summer shot into the ring like a woman possessed, immediately taking Britani down with one clothesline and then another. She threw her head back and let out a fierce battle cry, a move normally left to the British Diva currently on her back. Summer dragged Britani up off the mat by her dark hair only to receive a stiff smack to the face from the smaller Diva as soon as she was on her feet. The slap stunned Summer long enough for Britani to take down the blonde with a fisherman suplex and quickly bridge into a pin. Summer quickly kicked out but Britani was just as quick to pull the blonde to her feet, not giving Summer a moment to breathe. Britani went for the KnighCap on her dazed opponent but Summer managed to escape. The leggy blonde kicked Britani in the midsection, causing the member of Bitchcraft to double over. Summer grabbed Britani and hurriedly maneuvered her into position before hitting an inverted leg drop bulldog. Summer immediately went for the pin a determined look on her face as the ref made the three count.

As soon as the bell rang Emma jumped into the ring as Summer shoved Britani away from her and got to her feet. Emma launched herself at Summer, wrapping herself around the taller diva in a tight hug. The serious expression quickly faded from Summer’s face and was replaced with a bright smile as the blonde duo celebrated their victory in the center of the ring.

In a pre-recorded segment that occurred sometime this past week, Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho found themselves in another team building session with Dr. Shelby. They were in an empty room that had enough space for them to move around in. Chris and Daniel stood by, waiting for Dr. Shelby to explain the next step.

"Okay, well," Dr. Shelby began. "Hopefully this session won’t turn out like that last one." He was referring to their previous session where Chris dropped Bryan to the floor on purpose. Chris snickered in the background while Bryan rolled his eyes. "What we’re going to do is that we’re gonna do some roleplaying!" Dr. Shelby continued.

"You mean like improv, doc?" Chris inquired with a mischievous grin.

"Yes," he replied. "Something like that." He turned to Bryan asked, "Daniel, is there a problem?"

Bryan shook his head and replied, “Nah, Doc.” He glanced at Chris, looking to get back at him in this activity, then he turned back to the facilitator. “Let’s do this.”

Relieved by their enthusiasm, Dr. Shelby clapped his hands. “Wonderful,” he exclaimed. “Okay, here’s how it’s going to work… I am going to give a situation and I want you boys to act out the scene. Okay?”

He looked at Chris and Bryan for their response. “Okay, you’re in a restaurant. And it’s a really busy night. Daniel, you are the Sous Chef of the kitchen. And Chris, you are one of the chefs in the place. I’m going to be the waiter so I’m going to be the channel between the kitchen and the customers.”

Bryan looked proud of his position while Chris simply chuckled. Dr. Shelby got into his role and walked up to the two, “Guys, table three is complaining about how their food was cooked.”

"That couldn’t have been my fault," Bryan said, defensively. "So that’s not my problem." He turned to Chris and commanded, "Chef, fix this."

"Well, it’s not my fault either so why should I have to do anything about it?" Chris replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

"That is an order, soldier!" Bryan retorted, exercising his imaginary Sous Chef powers. Chris didn’t flinch and simply yawned at him.

"Better do something about it, Daniel," Dr. Shelby said. "Or the customer is going to call for you."

"Just do what I say, dammit!" Bryan yelled.

Chris walked away and said, “Nahhh, I’m gonna go on strike.” He walked around, pretending to hold a picket sign and chanting, “What do we want? Fair treatment! When do we want it? Now!”

Dr. Shelby shook his head and decided to put a stop to it. “Alright, alright, let’s have a new situation, shall we?” He turned to Bryan and said, “Daniel, you work at some sort of solutions firm and you’re dealing with a tough client who’s going to pay your team handsomely. Chris is your teammate but he hasn’t been doing any work lately.”

“Well, that’s okay,” Bryan said. “More money for me then if I’m going to do the brunt of the work.”

Dr. Shelby shook his head. “No, see, no matter what Chris does… He’s still going to get paid because he’s a part of your team. Do you see what the problem is here?”

Bryan, upon realizing, replied, “Yeah… yeah!” He pointed to Chris and yelled, “Hey! Do your job!”

“Is there a need to shout?” Chris responded.

Bryan sighed and lowered his voice, “Chris, do your job.”

“I didn’t hear the magic word.”

“Chris, do your job, PLEASE.”

“Now, that’s more like it!”

Bryan lit up. “Great! So what are you going to do?”

“Absolutely nothing!” Chris replied with a big shit-eating grin.

He sat back down on his chair and pretended to be on his phone. Bryan was visibly irritated and decided to kick Chris off the chair by knocking him down with a stiff kick. Chris sold the pain of the kick on the floor and before he could retaliate, Bryan had already walked away from the scene, closing the door behind him. He rubbed his arm to soothe the pain and turned to Dr. Shelby, “You saw that, right? You saw that!”

Dr. Shelby simply rubbed his temples and shook his head in disappointment.

Coming back from commercial break, Cody Rhodes was seen finishing his way to the ring. His expression was stoic, doing his usual routine on the turnbuckle before hopping down and facing the stage as Dolph Ziggler’s music overtook his own. The blond strutted out onto the stage with all the confidence in the world, MitB briefcase in hand as he did the Ziggle Wiggle for the fan’s sake before spinning around and heading down the ramp to the ring. As he walked he pointed to the man in the ring, grinning at his friend before passing off the briefcase and sliding into the ring.

As the two stood across from each other in the ring, Dolph could be seen saying something to his friend who just shook his head. The blond held out a hand to the other, urging him with a few words to accept the handshake only for Cody to smack his hand away. Clearly, Rhodes wasn’t in the mood for the more friendly aspect of their competitive relationship and the message was received loud and clear by Ziggler who just nodded and took a step back.

The two men wasted no time locking up in the center of the ring as the bell rang, entering a power struggle where neither seemed to be able to overcome the other. After a moment of this, they broke apart and returned to their respective corners. Cody’s hand went idly to his left arm, stretching it out as Dolph rolled his shoulders and held up a hand as a signal for a test of strength. Cody stared for a moment before nodding and edging forward, the two knowing they had to be cautious with one another because neither of them had an issue playing dirty in the ring. This fact was empathized when, upon getting one hand locked with Dolph’s, Cody opted to kick the blond directly in the midsection and yank him in for a flowing DDT instead of following through with the original plan.

Rolling back to his feet, he grinned and raised his arms up to either side in a mild show boat for the crowd, pleased to have gotten the first “point” in the match. Cody didn’t waste much time showing off, however, turning expectantly toward Dolph as he got back to his feet, leaned down with a hand still on the mat. Cody immediately ran at him, going for a running knee but Dolph jerked up to a straight position just in time to avoid it, stumbling back a pace before executing a dropkick straight to the other’s head as he turned around again.

“OH YEAH!” Dolph yelled out, pumped up as he dropped to the mat next to Cody and went for a sleeper. Rhodes was smart enough to see it coming, flailing out his arms to knock the blond away from him as he rolled closer to the ropes. Ziggler simply grinned, holding up a hand to show his friend how close he’d been to getting the hold on him as he stood up. Cody just glared from the corner, taking an extra moment to pull himself to his feet and immediately having to dive from the corner as Dolph tried to hit a running dropkick.

The blond crashed into the turnbuckle, both legs going past the middle rope and resulting in him falling upsidedown in the corner. Before Dolph could so much as think of slipping clear of the position, Cody was on him with a series of harsh stomps to his middle until the referee yanked him back. Holding up his hands in temporary surrender, he backed up and grinned at the booing crowd as Dolph slipped to the mat from his hung up position, gripping his mid-section dramatically as the referee checked on him. This went on for a moment, the blond shaking his head at whatever was being said by the official as Cody watched on, slowly gaining a more concerned expression.

The Prince eventually took a step toward the corner, wary of any sudden attack before getting over his hesitation and approaching next to the referee. Leaning down to talk to his friend, he was promptly caught by the head and subjected to a jawbreaker that sent him reeling backwards a few steps before dropping to his ass, hand on his face. Dolph hopped to his feet with a shit eating grin, shrugging at his friend apologetically.

“You’re too easy, bro!” Walking over to him, Dolph then reached down to take Cody by the head yet again and pull him to his feet. Whipping him toward the corner, he ran immediately after the other with intentions of hitting a body avalanche but instead ran directly into a booted foot that Cody had barely managed to get up in time. As Dolph stumbled back, he lifted himself onto the turnbuckle and went for a flying crossbody, taking them both down to the mat for the first pin of the match.

One… Kick out!

As Cody sat up and went to move away, Dolph moved quickly to lock in a sleeperhold, yanking him back to the ground and going so far as to lock his legs around the other’s middle. Immediately, Cody began to struggle against the hold and try to pry Ziggler off of him. First his hands went to the blonds arms but when that proved futile he began to struggle to pry the other’s legs from around his middle, simultaneously trying to drag them closer to the ropes.

After awhile, the life seemed to be going out of Cody as the sleeper hold started doing it’s damage. As the struggling faded, the referee caught one of his hands to raise up into the air before releasing. It dropped back to his side. One. The process was repeated, and when the hand dropped this time Dolph could be seen relaxing his leg hold, looking prepared to release the hold and get up for his incoming victory. However, as the hand was raised again Cody seemed to spring into life, jerking against the sleeper and shooting his hands back to trying to yank himself free as his body twisted away from the blond. Dolph managed to keep the hold, but Cody’s efforts to get himself near the ropes was more successful. After a moment more of struggling, he managed to get a foot on the bottom rope.

The official immediately called for the hold to break and Dolph dropped it only after three extra seconds of waiting. Cody rolled over, almost lifeless as the blond didn’t hesitate to grab and drag him away from the ropes and to the middle of the ring. Standing to his feet, he stared down at Cody before grinning and hitting an elbow drop. It didn’t stop there, the Show Off jumping up to his feet again to repeat the process several more times in the way he was known for before finally going for a pin.

One… Two… Th—Kick out!

Cody shoved the blond off him, rolling himself smartly out of the ring and stumbling to his feet. Shaking his head to try and clear out the cobwebs from the sleeper hold, he waited until Dolph was coming out of the ring after him to do anything, running straight at the blond as he touched ground and ramming him into the ring apron. Dolph dropped to his knees as Cody pulled back, taking a few steps before landing a running knee to his head to send the man sprawling onto the ground. The crowd jeered around him and Cody spun to snap for them to shut up before leaning down to drag Dolph back up to his feet.

Pulling him back a few feet, Cody whipped the Show Off toward the steel steps. Instead of crashing into them, however, Dolph jumped onto the stairs. As the crowd cheered, he turned to showboat at his friend for a second before leaping off the stairs to barrel directly into Cody with his shoulder. The two hit the ground and this time Dolph followed up immediately by raising to his knees and raining forearms down on his friend before jumping to his feet with an adrenaline-filled yell.

Leaning down, he dragged Rhodes up enough to toss him back into the ring. Hopping up onto the ring apron afterward, he paused to do the Ziggle Wiggle one more time. It was a mistake, however, as Beautiful Disaster was soon connecting with Dolph’s head. He dropped back off the ring apron as Cody landed on his feet in the ring, stumbling a step before dropping to his knees. Turning his head to look out of the ring at his friend, the Prince seemed to be debating if it was worth the effort to go retrieve him as the ten count started. Shaking his head, he climbed back to his feet and leaned back against one of the turnbuckles, watching Dolph slowly come to outside of the ring.

The count hit six and Dolph sat up, gripping his head and slowly rolling to his knees. By seven he was pushing himself to his feet, stumbling back a step or two before becoming aware of the count at eight. Eyes widening, he ran to the ring, sliding in at nine and being greeted by Cody rushing forward to stomp down on his back as soon as he was in the ring again. Rhodes continued the onslaught, going so far as to grip the ropes for a few seconds as the referee yelled for him to get off the ropes. Finally the official forced him back and Cody held his hands up in annoyance.

“Alright, alright! I know the rules, now move!” Pushing the referee aside, Cody leaned down and caught Dolph by the arm to drag him away from the ropes and to the middle of the ring. Stomping on him a few more times, he glanced around before moving to the turnbuckle and climbing to the top. For the first time that match the crowd was behind Cody rather than Dolph, cheering him on as he straightened up on the top of the turnbuckle in preparation for a moonsault.

Dolph saw it coming, managing to get up just enough to stumble to the turnbuckle. Climbing up right underneath the unsuspecting Rhodes, he caught Cody on his shoulders and, ignoring the punches the other man immediately started raining on his head, Dolph hit a  sitout powerbomb from the second rope. As his friend’s back slammed into the mat, the blond immediately rolled him up for a pin.

One… Two… Thre—Kick out!

As Cody flipped over to his stomach with the force of his kick, Dolph leaned back against the corner, wiping his face. He could be seen saying something, the cameras only picking up hints of it in the form of “come on, Codes.” Rhodes could be seen shaking his head slowly as he pushed himself to his hands and knees, Dolph also being seen getting to his knees as he moved closer to the other. Within seconds, another sleeper hold was locked in on the Prince and this time he seemed too worn down to fight it properly. His hands clawed at the arm around his throat weakly, feet kicking as he tried to find the ropes.

“Just… Give in! Come on, Cody!” Dolph could be heard half yelling at his friend as he used his own feet to drag/push them both away from the ropes. Cody gave up trying to get them, shifting around until he had managed to get his knees under him, forcing Dolph up as well and giving him an opening to start sending harsh elbows into his sides. Soon enough, the blond’s hold loosened under the onslaught to his unprotected rib cage and he released the hold, rolling away to grip his side as Cody tried to get the air back into his lungs for the second time that night.

Dolph was to his feet first, waiting for Cody to drag himself up with the ropes before going for the Zig-Zag. Cody countered it by keeping a firm grip on the ropes, sending Dolph crashing by himself to the mat as the Prince fell against the ropes and looked down at him. Turning around, he landed a kick to Dolph’s side, sending him rolling onto his stomach in pain. Cody then reached down, catching both of Dolph’s arms and pulling him up a little from the ground only to promptly curb stomp him right back into the mat. Working quickly then, he reached down once more and this time locked in a surfboard submission hold, lifting Dolph into the air and putting as much pressure as he could on the man’s damaged midsection.

As Dolph shook his head viciously at the referee’s question of if he gave up, Cody’s face twisted into a grimace. He held the submission in place for a few more moments before releasing it and kicking his legs out so that Dolph sprung forward and slammed into the mat face-first. Climbing to his feet, Cody stared down at his friend before stomping onto his back in a show of frustration. Leaning down, he gripped the blond by the hair to drag him to his feet. Setting up for Cross Rhodes, Cody made it clear that he had no intention of letting the match continue beyond that point.

Yet, as he went to hit the move Dolph rotated with him, spinning right out of the hold and directly behind Cody to hit a Zig-Zag. The crowd exploded in excitement at the counter as Dolph immediately went for the pin. He went as far as to hook both of Cody’s legs and place most of his weight on the other man’s shoulders for the three count. As his music played throughout the arena, Dolph hopped to a stand with a grin and held his arms out to either side of himself, going so far as to take a bow before turning back to hold out a hand and help Cody to his feet.

“Maybe next time, pal,” he could be heard telling his friend, winking at the Prince before turning to accept his briefcase from one of the officials ringside. The two left the ring together, Dolph chattering happily to a frowning Rhodes, his voice loud enough over the music and the crowd for the camera to pick out his words as cameras turned away from ringside. “That was just a small preview for when I cash this baby in to become WWE Champion!” Cody stayed behind with his eyes widened, thinking about what Dolph had just said. He groaned behind Dolph’s back and shook his head, proceeding to catch up to his victorious friend.

“Dude, I just bought a whole fucking twelve pack and put it in the fridge so who fuckin’ touched it?” Devon shouted now turning around in the Nation’s locker room just as Lucky, Britani and Buggy had come through the door. Both girls just gave a glare before turning their attention away from him before taking a seat at the rounded table as they both began a conversation about the t-shirt that Knight had put together for the both of them prior to tonight’s event. “No one? Midget fuck? All you had to do was fucking ask and shit, save a few for me goddamnit not like I would have fuckin’ cared. Now instead of somethin’ to enjoy after the fuckin’ match ain’t got shit ‘cause you decided to be a little selfish prick.” Finally slamming the small fridge door shut as the smaller man remained across the room just narrowing his eyes at his so called friend, if he could call him that at the time. “You’d know all about being a selfish prick wouldn’t you….”

After using his shirt to remove the sweat from his face Moore slung the shirt down and motioned for the other man to step closer as he did too, “You wanna fucking go we can ‘cause I got no problem teaching your ass a lesson again cuz.” Still Lucky remained in silence for a moment just sitting there on the edge of the couch trying not to look phased by the Notorious Scumbag’s behavior. Eventually before Devon could get anything else out tHURTeen turned to him just giving a shrug of his shoulders. “I didn’t even take your beer man so again you’re pointing your fingers at me for no reason.” sighing afterwards as he removed his hat from his head and just glanced down at the floor. It was his only attempt to not get headed and add fuel to the fire but it was hard when his own friend was throwing shit at him for no reason. “Yeah fuckin’ right, can’t even man up and admit shit.”

Britani placed her shirt down on the table and turned around just about to speak up before Lucky lost his cool, tossing his hat on the floor before jumping up from the couch now going over to stand up to Devon. It wasn’t as if they could be nose to nose with his disadvantage of height but the smaller man didn’t let that intimidate him by the slightest as he stood there. “You know what your fucking problem is Dev, you just d—…” A familiar voice came from the doorway suddenly as they finished Luck’y sentence. “A fucking dumbass who doesn’t think about anyone but his goddamn self and needs to get his shit together before I take this and shove it up his fucking ass.” Suddenly everyone turned around in shock to see Danny Havoc standing there, using one crutch to help him and to the other side of him was none other than Drake Younger, who recently was hired by WWE as a referee.

Everyone looked at him almost as if he were a ghost, even Britani who slowly began to get up from her chair as she walked over to him now brushing past Drake but politely in order to wrap an arm around her fiance who leaned down to give her a quick kiss. The two of them exchanging a few words before the Nation’s leader pulled his attention back to Moore who still looked at him strangely for a second and it was perhaps the first time anyone had seem him in that kind of shock. Havoc, not suppose to appear tonight or having even said any more on what happened prior with his trip to the hospital just welcomed himself in without a care. “I’m not going to fucking say this again, if you two don’t work shit out and get the fuck over it Im’a beat you both senseless. Got a fucking brain so fucking use it and get over the dumb bullshit. And Dev if you gotta fucking problem you might wanna come to me because I fucking stole your beer.”

Lucky and Devon exchanged looks with one another before turning to look at Danny while nodding their heads though while the smaller man looked to be more ashamed of his actions Moore didn’t go without a response. “Can I at least get one of those man, it’s been a long night…” but as he spoke the Deathmatch Drunkard did not seem amused, removing his aviators as he slowly limped a bit closer to the rest of them with Knight and Younger trying to make sure he didn’t fall on his ass. “After Raw goes off the air we’re having a fucking meeting about shit that’s going on. Said I didn’t give a fuck and was going to let you all do whatever you want to do but I refuse to fucking sit back and let you destroy this shit. It’s not about just a fucking stable, we’re fucking brothers and if I have to fucking screw your head back on Devon Moore I will fucking do it.” Danny stated in frustration, earning quiet from everyone until the Scumbag went to open his mouth, “And yes you’ll get your goddamn beer but only if you attend this shit.”

With nothing more to be said Dev just nodded before earning a pat on the shoulder from Lucky in which the taller man returned it and the two, while looking like scorned dogs, went to sit down on the couch together while Havoc gave a nod to those paying attention, signaling that he’d taken care of it before going to take his leave. As Danny hobbled out of the room, Drake followed behind him and Britani looked around for a second at everyone then back at Buggy who still looked a bit confused as to what just happened. “I’ll be right back,” Knight stated before too exiting the room. Silence taking over the locker room for a moment before Dev reached over and smacked Lucky in the gut, the smaller man returning the favor. “What was that for?!” he got out as he did so and in return got a laugh out of Moore. “Just like old times cuz!” the reply making both of them and even Nova smile slightly right before the camera faded out so the show could continue.

As Raw came back from commercial break we see Shelly and Alexa in their separate corner. Shelly looked at Alexa in a pissed off way she points at the petite diva as she starts to mouth off some insults towards Alexa in return Alexa just shrugged her shoulder ignoring the older woman who continues to spew out insults.

The ref ringed the bell for the match to start. Alexa got out of her corner and before she even had the chance to do anything Shelly speared the petite diva onto the mat as Shelly grabbed a hold of the blond locks from the younger diva as she start to ram the back of Alexa’s head onto the mat. The ref warned Shelly about the stuff she is doing. Shelly got up as she put her hands up in defense as Alexa shook cobwebs out of her head and holding the back of her head as she slowly start to get up. Shelly see this as she walked over to Alexa and grabbed her hair as she pulls her up, the younger diva had enough and elbowed Shelly on the stomach in which Shelly let go.

Alexa find this as a chance to get some revenge she grabbed Shelly’s hair as she yank the older diva back really hard. Shelly fell to the ground holding on to her back as Alexa have a big smile on her face as she got on top of Shelly she start throwing punches at the older diva giving everything she got. She stopped as she got up she looked down at Shelly as she yelled out “COME ON SHELLY! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU!” she then stomp on Shelly.

The ref made Alexa go back a little as Alexa mouthed an apology as she takes deep breaths. Shelly slowly got up as she held on to her back a little once she got up she glared a dagger on the petite diva. Alexa gave a smile as she waved and blow kisses at her. Shelly charged at Alexa in which the younger diva moved and Shelly hit shoulder first onto the pole. Alexa laughed as she looked at the crowds and bowed for them for a job well done well on her part.

Shelly crumpled down as she held on to her shoulder. Alexa walked up to Shelly as she pouted at her and gave a fake sympathy then she start laughing again. Shelly got up despite her shoulder hurting she ran and clotheslined Alexa to the ground hard. Shelly shook her left arm trying to get blood back into her arm as she looked down at Alexa she then stomped on the petite diva. Shelly grabbed Alexa by the hair she set Alexa up for the Shelly-Shock she connected as she pinned Alexa the ref went down to count Alexa shoulder.


Alexa raised her shoulder before the ref could count to three which surprised Shelly allot. Shelly got up as she starts to argue with the ref. Alexa slowly got up as she shook her head she looked and noticed Shelly has her back turned which this is a perfect chance for Alexa as she grabbed Shelly’s pants and school girl pinned her the ref start the count.


The ref ring the bell as Alexa’s theme starts to play on the PA system. Alexa got up as she got a big smile on her face as the ref raised her arm in victory.

"Here’s your winner….Alexa Bliss!"

Shelly couldn’t believe this she got up once she saw Alexa back turned she attacked Alexa from behind she start to throw punches. Shelly is fuming mad as she got up she picked Alexa up and threw her to the ropes she ran and clotheslined Alexa off the ropes as Alexa landed hard on the mat below her. Shelly got out of the ring as she walked over to Alexa she picked the petite diva up as she slung Alexa onto the steel stairs. The younger diva hit hard on the steel stairs which caused it to fall over.

Shelly lifted the skirt of the ring apron as she reached from something in it. She took out a baseball bat that has a barbwire on it she smirked in a sick way. Alexa got up as she was holding on to her shoulder she ran to attack Shelly again but Shelly sense it and turned around hitting Alexa in the stomach with the barbwire covered baseball bat which caused the younger diva to bend down and then Shelly hit Alexa in the back with it causing the younger diva to fall down. Shelly kneel down as she grabbed Alexa by the hair as she raised her head up she then put the barbwire part of the bat on Alexa forehead rubbing it back and forth till trickle of blood came down.

The refs and officials came down to stop this madness before it becomes too much. Shelly removed the baseball barbwire bat from Alexa forehead as she wiped Alexa’s bloody forehead with her finger and licked the blood from it as the officials separated Shelly from the petite diva as the refs went to check on her. Shelly pointed at Alexa.

"This is not over bitch!"

Shelly turned around and walked away as the camera switched over to the ref and some of the officials checking on Alexa as the scene switched over to the next segment.

As the camera went backstage it caught sight of two of WWE’s newest divas, Summer Rae and Emma, as they talked amongst themselves in between their stretching. The audio wasn’t quite picking up what they were saying at first until it came in closer to focus on them as they laughed while starting a game of rock, paper, scissors. “To get it out of the way yeah?” Emma spoke up in her thick accent as Summer raised a brow at her but nodded as they both went for it and obviously with the right mindset as they both picked scissors. “Again?” Summer asked and once more they went again with Summer picking rock to beat the australian diva’s scissors.  A pout clearly seen on her face as the two quickly again gave a nod which meant another round and once more the taller blonde got the advantage with scissors to the other girls paper. “Since I won I’ll pick you to go first, because well…” a smile that could be debatable on being sincere or not, “I think you’ll really show them what they should be scared of, that new divas or not we are the next big thing.”

Suddenly as Emma went to speak, Renee Young came up on the scene with a microphone in hand as both turned to her all greeting each other with a smile even though the aussie’s quickly faded as she pointed her bubble gun at the interviewer. “You interrupted!” she said, sounding rather upset but blowing bubble into Renee’s direction who gently reached up to move them from getting her in the face. “I’m sorry for that but I just had to get some words from the two of you ladies before you go on tonight if that’s alright?” Looking flattered, Rae placed her hand over her chest before going back to fiddling with her long blonde locks. “We would be honored to give a few words actually, thank you for including us.” Young gave a nod before turning to the other who once more put out some bubbles her way causing her to jump back as the three of them laughed at the way it startled Renee. “Alright well I have to ask you ladies first off what is it like being a new diva? Do you feel like you girls have some good competition on your hands, what are your thoughts on the female talent so far?”

“The competition here is fierce, we know that. I mean, I saw it first hand last week when I got in the ring with Maryse. I may have come out on top that time but it wasn’t easy. This is definitely a roster full of strong, talented women.”

Emma nodded in agreeance to Summer words. “But we’re just as strong and just as talented,” The Australian piped in, “And we’ve been scouting out the Divas on the main roster. We’re newbies, sure, but we’ve been watching Thursday Night Raw. We know what we’re up against.”

“Especially tonight,” Summer added, “We’ve had the pleasure of working with both Britani and Buggy before when we were all down in developmental. This isn’t our first time in the squared circle with them. There’s no denying they’ve definitely gotten stronger since we last faced them but we’ve gotten stronger too and Emma and I are more than ready to take them on.”

Emma nodded enthusiastically once more, “We’re gonna beat their butts!” She said shot more bubbles from her gun, “But like.. nicely beat their butts. Because it’s just some friendly competition. Between friends. I really love having friends. Friends are—”

Summer stopped Emma before she continued babbling as she gave a small shake of her head and a smile at the younger blonde’s antics. “Emma’s right though. It’s just some nice, friendly competition. We’re going to do our best to win but at the end of the day we’ll be—” Summer’s voice dropped off mid-sentence as her attention was suddenly directed elsewhere. Off camera their opponents for tonight could be seen walking down the hall. Summer quickly apologized and excused herself before slipping out of frame.

“Britani! Britani hey wait! Stop!” The camera swung around to follow Summer as she caught up to Bitchcraft. Summer placed her hand on Britani’s shoulder to stop the younger woman from continuing on down the hall. “Hey! I’ve been looking for you all night. You’re a hard woman to reach, you know. Listen I just wanted to talk to you really quick before the match, make sure you’re okay. I know your life has been crazy lately so I just wanted to check up on you.”

“Okay? Why wouldn’t I be okay?” Britani asked as she folded her arms across her chest, “You think there’s something wrong with me?”

Summer quickly shook her head, perplexed by the tension she suddenly felt between them. “No, no, no. Not at all. I just… you know…”

“No,” Britani snapped, “I don’t know.”

“Everything that happened with Danny. I mean obviously I don’t have any more details than what was reported but I know he means a lot to you and he was in the hospital. That’s serious. And we’re friends so I just thought.. I don’t know, Brit. I just know how you get sometimes,” Summer nibbled on her bottom lip for a moment before continuing, “You shut down sometimes when things go wrong. I just wanted to make sure you were okay, as a friend, that’s all.”

Britani laughed, though it was hollow, “You know how I get. Right.”

Somehow managing to look down her nose at the taller blonde, she turned on her heel, apparently not wishing to carry on the conversation any further. Buggy gave Summer a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.

“Don’t take it personal… We’re all just kinda eeee,” she made her fingers into claws and scrunched her face up, then followed after her tag partner and best friend. Summer crossed her arms over her chest as Renee came back into the picture.

“Does this change your strategy going into the match?” Renee asked both women, holding the mic to them expectantly.

Summer’s eyes were still focused on the pair disappearing off down the hall, her face scrunched up in confusion before an air of anger started to seep into her expression. She hadn’t even heard the question asked, an awkward silence hanging around the three women until Emma finally spoke up.

“The game plan stays the same,” The Australian Diva offered with a curt nod. “We go out there and we show everyone what we’re made of.”

Before Renee could ask anymore questions Emma thanked her and ushered her tag team partner off camera.