Danny Havoc vs. Cody Rhodes {Street fight} | Raw | 4.17.14 

Clawfinger’s “Biggest and the Best” blared over the speakers as the cameras focused in on the ringside area. The crowd exploded into jeers and boos as none other than Danny Havoc strutted out of the back in his typical street clothes, signature barbed wire bat resting against his shoulder as he made his way to the ring. Climbing in between the ropes he held his arms out as he moved in a circle, the bat hanging from his hand carelessly before he brought it up to smack one of the turnbuckles near the referee who jumped, much to Havoc’s amusement.

“Smoke and Mirrors V2” cut off Danny’s music, the crowd’s reaction doing a near 180 as they cheered for Cody Rhodes’ appearance at the top of the ramp. The cameras zoomed in on the generational superstar’s wary features and the thick chain dangling from his hand. Making his way down the ramp, Rhodes kept his eyes on Havoc, looking reluctant and slowing his pace as his eyes landed on the bat in the other man’s hand. Noting the apprehension of the other, Havoc decided to have some fun before the mat and swung at the apron as Cody went to climb up, making the man jump back to the floor outside of the ring to avoid being hit. Circling to the side, Rhodes glared up at the NoI leader, idly wrapping the chain around his left hand as he continued to circle the ring, Danny swinging at the ropes every time he made as if to enter.

“What’s the matter, pretty boy? Scared of a little pain?” Danny called as Cody backed off from the ring for what seemed like the umpteenth time, his free hand wiping over his mouth in exasperation as he gestured at the referee to make the other man get back. “I’ll just mutilate your face a little, no worries!”

Grimacing at the words as Danny was pushed back to the opposite side of the ring, Cody looked around him at the objects scattered around the ringside area before spotting something that seemed to catch his attention. Leaning down, he lifted up a trash can lid examining it before shrugging and quickly sliding into the ring. Almost immediately, he was forced to roll out of the way as Danny broke past the referee and swing the bat at him. The bat connected with the mat and Cody was quick to scramble to his feet with wide eyes as he circled to stand across the ring from the other.

“You’re fuckin’ crazier than Psycho!” Cody’s exclamation only seemed to amuse Danny who made a show of shrugging as the referee took the opportunity to motion for the bell. Almost immediately, Havoc swung at Rhodes with the bat, making him raise the lid of the trash can up to serve it’s purpose as a shield, flinching and stumbling back into the corner. Instead of pulling the bat away, Danny placed pressure against the trash can lid with it, making the flimsy metal bend some before smashing it with the bat again, Cody soon dropping it and receiving the end of the back to the gut for his effort. Dropping to his knees with a groan, he gripped at his stomach and was forced to scramble out of the corner around Danny in order to avoid getting caught by the bat any further. Pulling himself to his feet across the ring, he grit his teeth and spun to throw a punch with his chain-wrapped hand at the other man’s face as he came toward him, only for Danny to raise the bat as a version of his own shield, Cody stumbling back with a curse as he unintentionally shook the chain from it’s wrapped position so it instead hung limply from his hand.

"Fucking hell you don’t even know how to use a goddamn chain," Havoc stated before tossing his bat down to the mat now reaching out and quickly grabbing the chain from Rhodes’ hand before turning around and wrapping it around the other superstars neck. Instantly Cody flailed trying to put his hands up to keep the chain from digging into his neck or cut off his breathing but the more he struggled the tighter the Deathmatch Drunkard pulled it. Referee now yelling at him to break his hold, "Seems fair to me ref, putting this shit to good use!" he called back before yanking back roughly again and then releasing the hold before kicking the other in the middle of the back to where he fell forward, catching himself with one arm while the other hand was around his throat while he continued to gasp for air.

Danny remained over him though like a wolf preying on his next sheep before raising his hand with the chain still in grip as he brought it down making it connect with the middle of Cody’s back as he groaned out in pain while trying to crawl forward only to get another lick for his efforts. “You want to make my fiance cry? Well motherfucker you better get use to cryin’ yourself because I ain’t even done with you yet.” his harsh statement escaping by the time he’d struck Cody once more, continuing to use his own weapon against him. But it was just like Rhodes to be in the same thought process as he reached out for the bat Havoc had dropped earlier only for the Iowa native to come around and step right on his hand while putting all of his weight down on it getting loud reaction from the former champion as he tried to pull away. “Come on you fucking faggot, don’t pussy out on me now.”

Dropping the chain out of reach while kicking the bat into the corner as well before removing his foot from Cody’s hand as the Georgian sat up, clenching onto his hand as the other man reached down to attempt to grab the injured hand. It was then that Cody quickly used his free hand to connect along the side of Havoc’s face causing him to stumble back in a state of shock before his eyes narrowed now locking his focus on Rhodes who was quick, despite his being in some pain, to slide underneath the bottom ropes onto the outside.

“Don’t fuckin’ blame me for her crying, you crazy bastard. I didn’t make the damn match!” Cody could be heard yelling at Danny as he circled the outside of the ring, being soon followed by Havoc. Flexing his hand some as the other rubbed at the red mark around his neck, Cody continued to back away from the other superstar while glancing around the ringside area as if looking for something to help his predicament. “I didn’t even want that fuckin’ match, or this one, fuck—” grabbing a trash can, he dumped the contents before throwing the object directly into the oncoming Havoc who caught it in surprise. Thinking quickly, he jumped up onto the ring apron and off it again to kick the trash can hard in a modified version of Beautiful Disaster, resulting in the can smashing into Danny’s face and being dropped immediately after as he stumbled back.

Cody winced as he landed on his feet, stumbling himself to lean against the announcers table but not taking any reprieve as he leaned down to grab a crowbar which had fallen from the trash can initially. Staring down at the object then back up at Danny who seemed to be recovering quickly, he narrowed his eyes before running straight at the Deathmatch Drunkard, spearing him into the ringside barricade while keeping the crowbar in hand. As the other slumped to the floor, Cody rolled sideways to his feet and stumbling a bit away. Staring down at the other he seemed to contemplate using the crowbar but hesitated for too long, Danny quickly coming up from the ground to tackle him into the steel post behind him. Pulling back just slightly, Danny made to ram his shoulder into Cody’s midsection and slam him into the post again, the ex-champion slumping some as he cried out in pain. Before Havoc could do any more, however, Cody brought down the crowbar on his back hard once, twice, three times to make him drop to his knees in pain. Kicking him away, the generational superstar rolled into the ring, discarding the crowbar and stumbling to rest against the ropes while holding his back.

Turning to look around the ring, he bent down to grab the chain before searching to find where the bat had gone to. Not finding it in the ring, he frowned in confusion as the crowd suddenly came alive with noise, roaring for him to turn around or watch out as Danny had climbed back into the ring and was once again brandishing the bat. It was of no use, though, as the Deathmatch Drunkard connected the bat with Cody’s back, making a show of wincing as the Georgian cried out and dropped to his knees holding his back yet again. Coming up behind him quickly, Danny placed the barbed wire portion of the bat across the front of Cody’s head, grinding it against him cruelly as he yelled in pain, arm flailing as he tried and failed to find a way to get the bat off him. Finally, as if realizing he was still holding onto it, Cody swung the chain up rapidly over his shoulder to strike at Havoc, only managing to catch his arm the first try and regretting it as the leader of the NoI jerked his hand to the side some, dragging the bat and barbed wire that way as well across his face which was quickly starting to resemble something of a crimson mask due to the abuse.

Within seconds Havoc seemed to grow bored of trying any further now tossing the bat back out of the ring to the outside before reaching down and grabbing either sides of Cody’s head in order to pull him up and expose to the crowd in front of them that the former champion was a bloody mess. “Is that how you like it?” taunting the other some more Danny leaned down now sinking his teeth right into Rhodes’ forehead causing him to yell out in pain while frantically trying to push the other off him. The Iowa native may have released his hold but he quickly ran his hand over Cody’s forehead now sticking his tongue out as he smeared the blood over it to taste before quickly using his fist to beat down on the cut up head of his opponent. Obviously wanting nothing more than to open the wounds up further as he used his knuckles to go back to work on Cody’s head before the Georgian was able to elbow the NOI leader in the stomach before crawling out of harms way, slowly easing himself to his feet again with help of the ropes.

It was then Cody realized once more he still had the chain in hand so as Danny came at him again he quickly flung it out connecting it against the chest of the other man who stumbled back before wrapping it back around his hand so by the time the second charge attempt came, he was ready. Literally decking Havoc right across the jaw the moment he’d tried again to where it knocked him off his ass thus Cody whipping himself off the ropes to the other side before coming back and catching his opponent right in the head with a harsh kick. Though it wasn’t much to keep Danny down, getting to his feet again the former champion still attempted yet another blow to the face this time getting caught turned about, grabbed up and tossed over Havoc’s shoulders with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Stunned by the time his body hit the mat Cody just laid there with wide eyes looked up at the ceiling while trying to shake off the multiple blows he’d received. Blood still flooding down his face as he breathed out heavily just laying there unaware of what to do next.

"Come on, get up make this worth my goddamn time or are you just as useless as Taylor?" Havoc called out now bending over through the middle rope as he dug around in another trash can that sat there with various items, pulling out a kendo stick before shrugging his shoulders and making his way over to Cody who was now sitting up and looking to be angered by the Deathmatch Drunkard’s statement. However as he turned around there was Danny now tossing a kendo stick at him before motioning with his hands for his opponent to bring it. With the Georgian now back to his feet he looked down at the stick in hand and back up at the other man who’d continued to taunt him with his bored expressions. "Fucking typical, just as useless as your goddamn fuck bud-…" just as he’d spoken up Cody swung the kendo stick now connecting across the chest of Havoc who took a few steps back but then looked back down and at the man before him. "That it?" Angered Rhodes took another swung catching Danny again across the chest just earning a laugh from him before he’d come forth, reached out now grabbing the other by the head again before giving him a harsh head but that sent him back into the ropes. The NOI leader now stretching his arms out, waiting, and Cody shook it off before quickly reaching out and hitting the other right over the head with the kendo stick.

That time he’d gotten a reaction, a groan even as he’d stumbled backwards now holding onto his head before spinning around as Rhodes took the opportunity that presented itself now swinging the kendo stick and catching Havoc right across the back causing him to move forward and then adding another blow that took the Iowa native to his knees. Almost as if having unleashed a certain restrained fury, Rhodes  began bringing the kendo stick down rapidly on Havoc who was soon making his way around the  ring on his knees. It wasn’t until the kendo broke across the Deathmatch Drunkard’s back that he got a reprieve from the storm that had been brought on as Cody promptly threw the object from the ring, the crowd cheering him on in a rare moment in his rage. Glancing back at Danny, Cody moved to somehow continue his assaulted but was instead blindsided from behind by none other than Chuck Taylor and Sami Callihan as boos sounded from the crowd.

The former champion fell under the sudden onslaught of the two superstars. They remained focused on him for a moment, putting in the effort to stomp down on him until he’d been forced to roll out of the ring to get away before going together at Danny who was still recovering from the kendo assault. Danny was more prepared than Cody had been for them, though,  coming to his feet swinging as they descended on him, initiating a two on one brawl. Soon enough however he appeared to be falling victim to the numbers game and the damage from the match so far. As he sank back to the mat under their assault, Cody appeared with crowbar in hand. Taking a solid swing at the back of Chuck’s leg, he earned a cry of pain from the man and quickly followed up with another hit to the back of his shoulders before temporarily tossing it away from all of them so he could catch Sami by the hair and ragdoll him off Havoc and throw him into the corner instead.

A clear rage could be seen on the still body features of the generational wrestler as he turned to yank the Deathmatch Drunkard back to his feet opposite of the two disrupters of their match. Chuck had made it back to his feet, no longer looking as though he felt confident in the face of both men and turning his head to look at Sami for some indication of what to do. To no avail, however, as Cody and Danny seemed to come to an understanding faster than their assaulters, surging forward to attack their  respective enemy and reverting the scene inside the ring to an all-out brawl. Soon enough, despite their initial upperhand, the effects of the street fight caught up to Rhodes and Havoc, the two men being clearly overtaken by their attackers as Chuck and Sami once more gained the  advantage in beating down on the two physically spent men as the crowd didn’t seem to know  how to react.

Within seconds of the tide turning, it seemed, the NoI theme blared through the speakers as Lucky tHURTeen and Devon Moore appeared.  Pushing their way to the ring through the crowd. The two slid into the ring just as Taylor and Callihan beat a hasty retreat out of the ring and up the ramp looking all too pleased with themselves as the two teammates checked on their leader. Halfway up the ramp, Dean Ambrose’s music hit and the cameras caught a shot of Chuck’s face as he registered the information, spinning to run off the ramp to the side stage entrance to the back without even waiting for the  dangerous man responsible for his already hellish night to appear. He therefore missed the unique and confusing sight of Su Yung as she ran from the back and all but threw Sami out of the way as she beelined for the ring as Cody was seen  dragging himself to his feet with the ropes, ignoring  the group of men present in the ring with him and instead waving and demanding a microphone from the ringside officials as Su slid into the ring at his side, preventing him from falling as his arm wrapped naturally around her shoulders coming away from the ropes with the microphone to his lips.

"I don’t… Know where the fuck you two  think you can get off just interrupting business like that but," as he spoke Cody’s voice seemed strained with a mixture of pain and frustration, his lisp coming out more than usual as he glared blearily in Sami’s general direction, "don’t assume that just because I don’t tend to see eye to eye with this jackass that I won’t team up with him just to get my hands on you two  miserable fucks." Turning his head and body slightly to look in Danny’s direction where he’d been helped up by his teammates, holding the mic out to him once he’d finished speaking completely, "How about you, Havoc. Any objections?"

"Not a damn one because I’d like to twist what’s left of Callihan’s cold emo heart and snatch it from his chest, devour it and consume what’s left of that faggot Taylor because I already know he was crying like a bitch earlier. You two think you can just come at us sideways, man, motherfuckers if you wanted a fight well that’s just what you’re going to fucking get and I promise you as much as I want to kill Prince charming over here we’re going to work together to make sure you two can’t walk out of the goddamn building." the anger obvious in his voice as he finally dropped the mic now about to seemingly make his way out of the ring before being held back by his two friends while he pointed into Callihan’s direction. “I’m going to fucking murder you!” Everyone in the ring looking back up at the Iowa native for a moment before Sami accepted the challenge for the both of them despite Chuck’s lack of presence. “You’re fucking on.” Stare down happening between him and those in the ring just before Danny pushed his way free of everyone, kicking over a few objects in the ring before the camera faded from there.

Backstage | Raw | 4.17.14 

The cameras picked up in the locker room of the Nation of Intoxication, Lucky and Devon sitting down with beers in hand as they watched the monitor. As he went to take another sip, Lucky suddenly noticed the camera, tossing the beer to the side and nudging Dev.

“I forgot we had one of these!” Lucky whispered loudly, Dev looking toward the camera while the smaller man got to his feet and shrugging, keeping his beer in hand.

“So you waste a beer? The fuck is wrong with you, cuz?” Dev didn’t bother acknowledging the crew, instead he reached into the ice chest next to him and procured tHURTeen another bottle, “Here, man. Get your head straight.”

Lucky frowned, but took the beer anyway, “Hey, my head is plenty straight! I was just surprised is all. But that doesn’t matter! Tonight! Tonight, we don’t have a match, but! If we did, we’d be kicking ass and taking names and that’s the bottom line because…”

“Wrong promo, cuz..”

“Well, if we were wrestling tonight, we’d be winning the tag belts and if you’re not down with that, I got two words for yo—”

“How high are you right now, Luck?” Dev snickered as he interrupted him again.

“…not very,” Lucky admitted, sitting back down and shrugging, “I’m just doing that nostalgia thing.”

“You’re being a dumbass..”

“Well! I might be, but next week! Next week, the belts will be ours and Rated RKO will REST IN PEACE!”

He seemed proud of himself for that one, Dev giving it up and laughing outright as Lucky tried to roll his eyes back into his head. Moore set his beer down after one last gulp, eying the camera meaningfully and pointing at it.

“What the midget means is that we’re gonna make NoI the gold standard,” he glanced away for a second, “Now get out before he gives himself an aneurysm.”

The cameras backed away as Lucky fell off his chair, a huge gasp of air as he righted himself. Then the two burst into more laughter, the cameras fading out and going to commercial.

Chuck Taylor vs. KC Cassidy | Raw | 4.17.14 

Camera’s zoomed in on the WWE Champion, Chuck Taylor as he remained still right where he stood with his mouth dropped open and all. Shocked and beyond himself he couldn’t bring himself to move an inch as Dean Ambrose laughed now sidestepping where a familiar music played and out came the champion’s ex-girlfriend and former WWE Diva, KC Cassidy. The brunette stepped on stage with a smug look across her features and no desire to acknowledge the fans who gave mixed reactions while she slowly made her way down the ramp. Laughter could still be heard by Ambrose while they turned back to Taylor who at some point just in his moment of shock dropped the WWE title onto the mat, referee Bryce Remsburg now snatching it up before handing it off so by the time they’d focused on that and turned around Cassidy was hopping up onto the apron. The aussie not even paying attention to anyone while carrying this snobby attitude of hers as she demanded some assistance from Remsburg before getting into the ring herself.

Reaching out she took the mic from Dean, “Miss me?” the devious look across the face of KC Cassidy while giving a little taunting wave over a the champion as she began riding of the distance between them now bringing a hand up to Chuck’s cheek and though he’d looked completely shocked before it was like the moment she touched him he went stupid now shutting his eyes for a moment to take a deep breath. “I thought I told you to not cut your hair again….” she began, his attention back on her as the smile vanished from her face immediately into a more serious look. “Then again you never listened to me. And you know…I’ve heard what you’ve been saying about me, I know we’ve spoken about this already on the phone but you know I really think the fans deserve to know the truth yeah? I didn’t leave because I was scared, I left because there was nothing here for me and the things I did have, well, they didn’t really seem to satisfy.” As the words escaped his mouth dropped open again and she smiled in return but before he was able to get a word out she’d taken her hand back just a bit only to swing forward and slap him right across the face.

Chuck being both in shock and hurt stumbled back into the ropes while Cassidy glanced back at Dean who still remained there now leaning in over KC to where his message could be made clear. “By the way Remsburg you can ge the hell out of here, you’re not longer needed because my work ain’t fucking done here.” he stated before taking a step back now pulling off his shirt to reveal the typical black and white striped referee shirt as KC handed the mic over to Bryce and the look of fear was seen obvious on the champions face. The bell rang as the other referee began making his way out of the ring with the Kentucky Gentleman now quickly running over towards him now pleading for him to stay despite the fact he was told to leave and even getting to a point that as Bryce stepped out Chuck clung onto his left leg that he hadn’t put over the ropes yet. “Don’t leave..don-…” pleading cut short as Dean grabbed a handful of Chuck’s hair causing him to scream and using his other hand to shove the referee who’d been released by Taylor at this point thus resulting in Remsburg crashing out onto the outside with a loud thud.

The champion was now forced to his feet again and released but as KC came at him he’d backed up into the nearest corner with his hands up while shaking his head in attempt to keep her back from him. “I don’t want to do this!” but his plea went unheard as the aussie began stomping down into his midsection until he was seated onto the mat. As he remained she used her right leg, her foot against his neck now choking him out while she held onto the top rope for support. Ambrose was slowly bringing his attention to it before he began making a count starting with one, two, two and a half and so forth to where once he got to four and a half she’d finally released her hold. The jeers came flowing from the upset fans while Cassidy began to happily take them in while holding her arms out as she backed up quickly over into the opposite corner before running full force and kicking both feet out to hit Chuck right in the chest/stomach area. Pain became visible on his face as he held onto his stomach with one hand while using the other to grab the ropes and help pull him what appeared to be under in order to get out of the ring but as he went to move one of his legs under Dean grabbed it now with one yank pulling the champion in in order for KC to begin stomping down on his back causing him to move, turn over and get her foot right in his stomach again.

“Cassie please…” Taylor’s words barely being heard as the aussie diva began to pull him up to his feet once more, his words being completely useless to her as she stomped down on one of his feet causing him to nearly lose his footing before she took a step back, turning to the side now before swinging an arm out now connecting with a vicious chop across the chest that sent him backwards. She however stayed on track now coming forward and kicking the champion in the gut again before going around him, wrapping an arm around his neck and sending him back down onto her knee with an STO backbreaker before releasing him. Chuck went to a seated position holding onto his back before she whipped herself off the ropes and came back delivering a dropkick to the middle of his back causing him to roll over until he found it within him to get to his knees and make it over towards the rope again with another attempted escape. But once more Dean who had been lazily watching the match reached out to grab him by the hair and in return got an elbow to the stomach from the champion.  It was then Ambrose grabbed Chuck by the throat looking like he was about to lose his temper with him and instead quickly flung him around to KC who snatched him up and took him down with a sitout facebuster before going for the pin.


Chuck kicked out, instinctively it seemed but then seemed rather irritated at himself as he hit the mat with his hand before getting up to his feet as the semi-shocked Cassidy rose back to hers as well. Not wasting any time she’d bounced back and was just about to slap him again so it seemed but he caught her hand, then catching the other as she went to try and use that as well. Both now staring at each other as the crowd showed their excitement for their champion who within a few seconds shoved the other woman back but only enough to make her stumble back before she came at him again this time being caught once more for a sidewalk slam. The moment her body hit the mat fans cheered and shock came over the Kentucky native’s face as he quickly got back to his feet and away from her while Ambrose seemingly looked disgusted at the end result. But movement from the diva caused attention to go elsewhere as she sat up looking pissed at the world with Taylor waving his hands like he wanted nothing more to do with her but when she got to her feet she came back at him again, striking him with her hands and slapping him at any chance she got despite his fighting back to not get hit. Only it wasn’t doing much of good because she seemingly wouldn’t stop for nothing and Dean had no desire to stop it even if he was backed into a corner.

After moments of her completely losing it on the champion in the corner there was a loud scream coming from across the ring causing all three to turn to see. “You’re not even doing your job Ambrose, you’re suppose to be fair to both competitors the moment you put that shirt on!” Veda Scott now making herself known before both her and Ambrose began to get in an argument with Dean making physical threats on the redhead but her not backing down from her place by ringside even as he got closer to where if lucky he could easily snatch her up by the hair. It was then that Chuck kicked KC in the gut now causing her to back off as she held onto her midsection trying to stand back up straight but receiving yet another before the champion pulled her closer by the hair before flipping her upwards until she was seated onto his shoulders before he spun around a few times and then viciously brought her back first to the back with him in a seated position. Taylor used his long lanky legs to come up and place themselves on her shoulders keeping her in a pinned position where Scott had to practically yell at Ambrose to turn around before he went to slowly make the count.


Taunting Chuck and Veda both Dean’s hand had slowly tried to come down again but KC kicked out of it by the time his slow hand was barely at two. Angry, the Kentucky Gentleman got back to his feet now braving it out to yell at him as he tried to play off innocent in the whole deal and even Scott getting up onto the apron to argue the matter as well but while all three of them fussed at one another with Chuck having his back turned to Veda unaware of what was going on, a scream came from her causing him to look back just as Su had snatched her down from the apron. “NO, WAIT, DON’T! VANNARAH!” the champion yelled while rushing over about to get both legs out of the ring before being snatched back by Dean who for good measurement gave him a huge uppercut causing him to drop down against the ropes before being yanked around by Ambrose who turned him around to watch as Su ragdolled Veda up the ramp. Referee now holding onto the champions hair while keeping him hung over the middle ropes. The upset seen on Chuck’s face as he reached out with his arm despite being able to do anything about it especially by the time he’d been struck once more with another harsh kick to the back causing him yell in pain before trying to move back from the ropes as Dean let go. However KC pulled him just enough to where his neck came over the ropes before jumping right onto his back before planting her feet on his shoulders, choking him out with the ropes with Ambrose acting oblivious as he looked back to the fans.

Those in the audience began to boo loudly as the taunting continued, “Bye Veda, bye sweetheart come again later yeah? Oh how Chuckie adores you!” the aussie’s thick accent being heard over the sounds of Taylor’s being choked by the ropes. Finally after Dean chose to turn around she’d jumped down but not stopping there as she forced the Kentuckian to turn around and look at her as she spoke, his head laying on the bottom rope while he continued to gasp for air while holding his neck. “You know I just might be offended I was so…easily replaced but darlin’ you weren’t anything special and well, I only kept you around for my entertainment.” the harsh statement that escaped earned a laugh from Ambrose before she’d continued on her pursuit now stomping down on Chuck again with him just rolling over but not trying to actually scatter away like before. Within the next few minutes everyone watched as she continued to stomp, kick, and beat down on the champion while he just laid there taking everything she gave until it finally angered her. Letting out a frustrated scream she gave him one more kick before leaning down trying to pull him up to his feet only to get shoved away finally. Taylor finally getting up to his feet once more now snatching KC by the arm and giving her a short arm clothesline. It was obvious that even that still pained him to do but he somehow managed to pull through it now reaching down grabbing Cassidy by her hair as she flailed in attempt to get away but lifted her  up still before tossing her back into the corner with a turnbuckle powerbomb.

Stomping the mat in frustration the champion instead of keeping his focus on KC Cassidy had to pull away, pacing around the ring now in attempts to clear his mind and keep going despite everything that was being thrown his way. “Can’t handle it Taylor?” Dean could be heard saying but Chuck didn’t bother responding, his arms over the top rope as he leaned his head down just tapping his foot away anxiously before Layla came out of complete nowhere. “You can do it champ, get back in there!” Her voice causing his eyes to widen as he looked down at her while she tried to motion at him with her hand to go on. Nodding his head the Kentucky native turned back around now going over to finish where he left off but as she was getting to her feet the two began to go into war. She shoved him in the chest and he shoved back without thought, looking to regret it at first but when she came at him with a right arm he returned the favor and the two then proceeded to return blows to each other. “Come on Chuckie T you can do it, yeah that’s it!” Layla stated while smacking her hands against the mat to help motivate him but not too long because Dean finally had enough. “Take your ass to the back before I give medics a reason to take you back there.” he called at her but she just waved him off, literally. Ignoring him now as she inched to the right in order to keep looking at the two in the ring just as KC got Chuck with another chop. “Come on, get her!” her yelling soon followed by a shriek as Ambrose reached down now pulling Layla by the hair up onto the apron while yelling at her the whole time, trying his best to pull her into the ring as well.

It caught both KC and Chuck’s attention but the aussie diva quickly backed up now whipping herself off the ropes and dropkicking  the champion in the back so that he could fly forward, Dean sidestepping and letting go thus causing Taylor to collide with Layla and result in her crashing to the outside. Horrified at what he’d done accidently the champion just stood there in shock as he looked at the british diva’s body remaining still on the outside and Ambrose making it worse by smacking him in the side of the head. “Good job you fucking idiot.” he stated as they remained close together for that moment and Cassidy charging full speed now hoping to catch Chuck with a kick to the face but at the last second the champion yanked Dean in harms way while grabbing the top rope down  and she kicked him right in the face as he toppled over onto the outside as well. Both hands came up to KC’s mouth after realizing what she’d just done to the man many, including herself at one point, feared. Her whole focus on that as she stumbled back still unaware of what to do with herself before she was taken by surprise with Chuck grabbed her by the arm before leaning back and connecting his foot with her jaw with Sole Food.

The australian dropped back onto the mat back first before rolling over slowly trying to comprehend what had just happened before the champion shockingly stayed on track now grabbing her by the hair once more to get KC on her feet before picking her up as if she weighed nothing, turning her upright and planting her down onto the mat viciously with an awful waffle before going for the pin. However Dean still remained on the outside still trying to get himself together before getting distracted by Layla who had just become alert as well only to throw herself  down on top of him. The two fighting around on the outside not aware of what was going on before referee Bryce Remsburg came flying back down the ramp, sliding into the ring now trying to make the save. But before he could even get his hand down to the mat he was being yanked right back out of the ring by Ambrose who’d previously shoved Layla back into the barrier. By the time he’d gotten back into the ring himself KC was struggling, slapping Chuck right in the face which only further pissed him off as he backed up from her now trying to get to his feet and then going to pull her to hers. However she fought him on it and by the time she’d slowly gotten to her feet he was already giving a chop of his own before shoving them back into the ropes and whipping her off the other side.

As KC came back she tried to duck the clothesline but her next time around Taylor caught her into his arms, lifting her and spinning her around as if he were going to drop her with another side walk slam or something of that nature. However once he turned around the angry Dean Ambrose who’d been steaming over dealing with Layla took his anger out on the champion, punching him in the face and causing him to fall back to the mat back first with Cassidy on top of him. Perfect positioning for a pin only by the time Ambrose looked back and got to the mat Layla was back to trying to keep him from doing his job as she’d slid in now grabbing a hold of his foot. “Get the fuck off, bitch I’m going to end you!” he yelled back now turning from them as he went after the other woman who screamed and took off around the ring with him not close behind her, leaving both of them alone in the ring again. This time both getting to their feet and just looking around in confusion before KC moved in now grabbing the champion and taking him by surprise as she forced a kiss on him, Taylor throwing both arms up at first before quickly shoving her backwards. The aussie looked shocked by his actions and then took a step forward trying to kick him between the legs but he grabbed her leg and taunted her by not releasing immediately, her hopping back on one foot before he let go. Once more she came at him once getting her balance but he was quick to pick her up, get her in the right position and plant her once more to the mat with an awful waffle. Dean seeing what just happened got into the ring but Layla caught his foot both struggling before he ended up being clung onto and wrapped into the ropes by the british diva as Bryce who remained by Lilian came back for the save.


Kountry Gentleman by Family Force 5 began blaring through the arena but Chuck wasted no time staying in the ring as he slid out onto the other side, getting handed the WWE title before he collapsed to his knees looking to be distraught and close to his breaking point before Layla screamed again, barely able to keep her hold on Dean as they remained tied up into the ropes still with her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. Blows from his elbow now obviously weakening her attempt and even though Taylor was barely able to get a breather after all the mental torture he pulled himself together and ran around the ring as fast as he could.  Layla just barely hanging on before taking a blow to the face with Ambrose’ elbow before Chuck reached up now wrapping an arm around her midsection before yanking her down with him. Both nearly losing their footing but maintaining to keep it again as they both began to quickly attempt to make it up the ramp with Dean sliding back out of the ring and almost seeming as if he were going to chase but stopped in his tracks.

A huge twisted smile appearing on his lips as he pointed into their direction. “This isn’t even close to over” His screaming and a shot of an upset KC sitting up was shown before focusing back to the top of the ramp where an upset Chuck Taylor was seen on his knees looking back at Cassidy while Layla, despite being bruised up herself, was trying to motion him to get up and come to the back even though his head now dropped and he just let the title slide right out of his hands onto the ramp. Within a matter of seconds a few people from the back, Sami Callihan, Buggy Nova, Jessie McKay came out all trying to get Chuck up from his position as well as getting the title and then helping both him and Layla towards the back.

The group had almost made it to the back when suddenly a reaction from the crowd had caught the attention of them all and slowly heads turned back towards the ring, Chuck even taking an automatic step back towards the ring. Back inside the ring the reaction from the crowd was obvious as KC lay face first in front of Dean’s feet. After a moment Dean rolled from the ring before grabbing the woman by her hair and yanked her from the ring as the referee tried to get him to stop. Instead Dean moved towards the steps and tossed KC none to gently against them her face coming to rest on the middle step and then he turned to scoop up one of the microphones he and Chuck had discarded earlier. “You know Taylor, I could be mad that you won. I could be irritated that Layla stuck her nose in things. I could follow your pathetic little therapy group to the back and break faces but the truth is I don’t mind that you won. I don’t even really care too much that Layla got involved because she’ll eventually be dealt with but one thing I can not take and never understand is someone who fails at the job they are given.”

He finally glanced away from KC and located Taylor at the top of the ramp, uncertainty written all over the champions face. “But KC is good at failing isn’t she Chuck? Couldn’t hack it here. Couldn’t hack it in a relationship with you, though we understand her choice there and she couldn’t hack it for one simple match. I’d say this is my fault or even her fault but the truth is? It’s yours.” Dropping the microphone Dean reached down and grabbed each one of KC’s arms before pulling back and lifting her off the steps and then to the horror of the audience curb stomped her as hard as he could straight back into the steps the bridge of her nose catching the edge and the unmistakable sound of it shattering sounding out.  Not content with once though Dean lifted her and held her in midair as the blood flowed freely and soaked her hair and top and then once again curb stomped her into the steps and then dropped her arms leaving her awkwardly at his feet and then without another word turned and hopped the barricade before making his way away from ringside leaving the champion torn on stage before his group of friends finally got him and Layla to head to the back.

Backstage | Raw | 4.17.14 

After having ditched his friend at the top of the ramp Dean had moved back down to ringside and rolled back in before snatching the microphone from the announcer and then turned to stare up at the entrance ramp. “Come on Taylor, time to have some fun.”

Not long after his words Taylor’s music hit and the champion slowly made his way down the ring with Veda at his side. When the reached the ring apron though he had Veda remain on the outside and climbed in before slipping past Dean to head to the far side of the ring and got a microphone of his own and then turned to look at Dean “Let’s get this over with.”

"So eager to get away from me? I’m wounded Taylor."

"I just know this is going to be a let down no matter what. No you, Su, Cody, or Caylee? There’s no one for you even book that could upset me so let’s here your super lame not nearly as good as my choice choice and let me win this match."

His confident words were met with silence and he grinned misunderstanding the nature of Dean’s quietness. Slowly Dean took a step forward, his head titling to the side and one corner of his mouth curled up into a sneer. “I know you get called dumb a lot Taylor but you’re really proving it right now.”


"No one pressed our buzzer, now as I was saying. You don’t think big enough Taylor. No creativity in that body of yours. I told you in the back we’d come out here and see who won this game. I mockingly called you a mental manipulator but you’re not, you’re simple, but me? I thrive in this sort of thing. This is my best subject and I found the one person who’s going to ruin your day more than it already has been." for the first time Taylor’s smile stumbled and he darted a look at Veda thinking that maybe Dean had gone the way he had and picked someone close and Dean’s gaze followed Taylor’s.

"Right gender, wrong person."

Chuck’s gaze had snapped quickly back to Dean confusion on his face. “Like I said Champ, you don’t think big enough while I think globally.”

A look of unease filtered across Chuck’s face but he seemed unwilling to accept the idea forming in his head shaking his head no as Dean’s smile grew bigger.

"You picked Cody and now I pick KC Cassidy, I believe this means I win." Leaning back against the turnbuckle Dean watched Veda pitch a fit on the outside of the ring while the champion had gone stone still from shock.

Dean Ambrose vs. Cody Rhodes | Raw | 4.17.14 

Cameras focused on the ring, silent anticipation reigning for a moment before Dean Ambrose’s music blared out over the speakers. There was a beat of pause as the crowd exploded into boos before the man came out, pulling along a completely confused looking Cody Rhodes with him. Rhodes had changed from his business casual outfit into jeans and a t-shirt that looked more appropriate for the street fight he was supposed to take part in later. As the two men made their way down to the ring, they could be seen bickering as Ambrose was clearly opting not to fill his best friend on the situation.

Once they reached the ring, the two stopped in front of the steps as Cody finally managed to free himself from his best friend’s grip, glaring and being heard asking what all the rush was about. Shrugging, Dean hopped up onto the apron, wiping his feet there before climbing in between the ropes and staring down at the other man. Finally replying, he smirked in anticipation of his friend’s response.

“You’re my opponent, Lispy shit, so get in the ring.” At the immediately displeased expression he received from Rhodes, Ambrose just shrugged and backed away from the ropes to raise his arms up. “Think of it as a warm-up for the—”

“Shut up,” as if predicting the end of Dean’s statement was unpleasant, Cody interrupted him and reluctantly climbed into the ring to stand across from his friend with his arms over his chest. “How is it that when you make a damn condition match thing with Taylor, I still end up with the short end of the stick?”

“Because you’re a bitch, and he’s obsessed with you,” Dean’s reply came simply and the bell rang shortly there after, the two men not looking to be in any kind of hurry to actually do a match.

They stepped into the middle of the ring, voices dropping enough that the cameras couldn’t pick up what was being said as they appeared to be discussing what they were going to do, appearing unconcerned by the fact that they were being watched by the entire WWE Universe. As they appeared to agree on a plan, the two men broke apart just long enough for Dean to catch Cody by the forearm and whip him across the ring into the turnbuckle. Charging after him, Dean was met by Cody lifting up from the corner to wrap his legs around him and go down into a pin, which he kicked out of immediately, bringing them back to their feet across from each other.

“That was fucking sloppy,” Dean could be heard telling Cody as he cracked his neck casually, making a gesture for a test of strength.

“Until you can do it better, you don’t get to criticize.” Cody met the test of strength, the two men struggling between themselves for the upper hand before the smaller male suddenly broke away. Waving his hands at Dean, he backed up against the corner and glared at the other while accusingly pointing a hand at him. “Stop the humoring shit.”

“If you wanted me to hurt you, you should’ve said so earlier you fuckin’ masochist.” A motion was made again for a test of strength and Cody met him, almost immediately being overpowered as Dean managed to crank his arms down.

Cody cried out in pain as the other dropped the grip on one arm and kept his left in an arm wrench. Leading the other around the ring a little, he took his time before hitting a short-arm clothesline to send Cody flat on his back on the mat. Not releasing his grip on Cody’s arm, he pulled him back to his feet and repeated the process once more before going to pull him up again, but this time Cody appeared to counter it into an arm drag. As soon as Dean hit the mat Cody wasted no time in going for a cross armbreaker, showing clear tribute to Alberto Del Rio as he wrenched his friend’s arm much to the delight of the crowd. After a moment of struggling, Dean managed to pry his arm free of the hold and rolled away, flexing and rubbing his arm as he got up to his knees, glaring at Cody who just shrugged with an innocent grin.

Both men climbed up to their feet, Cody going to whip Dean across the ring only for the other to reverse and send him into the ropes instead. Coming back he jumped over Dean’s form, signaling the start of a leap frog but Ambrose had no intentions to follow through the spot, instead aiming to catch the Georgia native with a clothesline. Cody saw through this and immediately dropped into a baseball slide between the bigger man’s legs, successfully yanking one out from underneath the Cincinnati native as he did so, ending on his feet outside of the ring. Turning to smirk at the other, he made a show of dusting off his hands before leaning back against the barricade as the referee started a ten count, Dean sitting up in the middle of the ring to glare at the smaller man.

“Can we be done, now? I’m over it.” Cody could be heard calling to the other over the sound of the fans and the referee’s count.

“You haven’t even done shit, you lazy bitch.” Dean retorted, shaking his head with a tsk.

“I happen to have a real match later tonight, I can’t be out here playing with you just to satisfy some sick fantasy of Taylor’s.” Cody’s statement earned a raised eyebrow before Dean rolled out of the ring near him with a shrug, acting nonchalant as he approached the now-wary Georgian. “…Can I hel—shit!”

Cody’s curse was marked by Dean grabbing him by the back of his shirt and turning to throw him directly into the ring apron. Groaning, the Rhodes slumped a bit against the ring before rolling back into the ring ahead of his friend. Dean followed after him immediately, dragging him to his feet and seemed to have intentions of getting him up for a Midnight Special. Cody countered out of it smoothly, as if he’d gone through the process a million times and perhaps he had when counting the number of spars they had together behind the scenes. Almost immediately after he was free of the other’s grip, Cody went straight for the ropes and aimed for a Disaster Kick, which Dean ducked. As Cody landed on his feet and spun around, he was greeted with a big boot to the face. As he hit the mat, Dean placed a boot on top of his chest in a mock pin, the referee only getting to the count of one before Cody kicked out and shoved his foot off.

“Jackass!” Cody snapped up at him, sitting up only to have Dean catch hold of his head and start to drag him up. Almost immediately, he dropped down to hit a jawbreaker, Dean stumbling back into the corner as he slumped back to the mat holding his head. “Ow, fuck—”

“You little shit—” The two spoke at the same time, and as Cody struggled back to his feet, Dean stumbled out of the corner again. Bumping into each other, they jerked apart before locking up without a word, struggling between one another again before Dean managed to force Cody back into a corner, forcing his forearm against the other’s face. The referee started a five count and Ambrose waited until the very last second, all but smothering the other man with his arm before pulling back with arms up as the referee was about to hit five. Waiting a beat, he dragged Cody back out of the corner and went yet again for a Midnight Special, holding his friend up for a moment to taunt him. “Just be a good loser and you can go back to whatever it was you call prepping to get your ass kicked.”

Hitting the move, he went for the pin and it seemed for a moment that Cody wouldn’t kick out. However, right before the referee’s hand hit the mat for the third time his shoulder caught up and Dean sat up while shaking his head, smirking. The two climbed back to their feet, Cody immediately going for a Disaster Kick again, this time connecting successfully. Instead of going for a pin of his own, however, he took the opportunity to shake off the effects of Ambrose’s finisher before heading for the turnbuckle, much to the crowd’s delight. As Dean climbed to his feet and noted the other’s position he seemed to heave a sigh right as Cody went for the moonsault, connecting and landing on his feet with Dean in position for a Cross Rhodes. Going for his finisher, he was caught off guard when the other rotated out of it and went for a backslide pin for the win.

Dean’s music hit as Cody managed to kick out just a second too late, the successful man smirking at his friend as he rolled out of the ring. Mimicking Cody’s earlier actions, he made as if dusting his hands off and held up an arm to note his success as Rhodes rolled out of the ring after him. Shoving his friend, the Georgia native shook his head and started up the ramp, receiving a punch to the shoulder as Ambrose followed and the cameras turned away from ringside and the newly bickering pair.

Backstage | Raw | 4.17.14 

When the scene opened Dean was shown leaning against the wall, his arms folded across his chest, and a bored look on his face as Cody recalled the specifics of his day only for a frown to cross his face when he realized Dean didn’t care in the slightest. “You’re the worst type of best friend.”

"So you’ve told me on numerous occasions, seems more like a personality default in you though than me since you keep me around. You should stop being in love with psychopaths." He shrugged but the expression on his face didn’t change.

Ironically Cody almost seemed offended for Dean “You’re not a-“

but Dean bulldozed on like Cody wasn’t speaking and continued that way anytime his friend tired to interupt him “It’s your nickname for me.”

"That’s no-"

"The Asian is clearly one as well."

"Su is n-"

"Rusty but growing, we’re working on it."


"Layla will get to see first hand next week."


If Cody expected his outburst to do anything it didn’t and instead Dean titled his head and looked at him like he was stupid. “Why are you yelling? Nevermind, I don’t fucking care. Go find me the Asian I have to talk to her about something.”

"I don’t think th-"

"I wasn’t asking, I was telling." Cody’s eyes narrowed and he finally punched Dean hard in the arm before throwing his arms up in defeat and turned to stomp off down the hall muttering about needing to cut nonsense out of his life. Like he ever really would. No sooner had Cody turned the corner at the end of the hall did Chuck Taylor and Veda come around from the other end the timing so perfect you’d think they’d have planned it. When the duo were close enough to Dean to talk Veda smoothed her skirt out and opened her mouth to speak only for Dean’s hand to shoot out to cut her off, and out of reflex Chuck nudged Veda behind him. "Don’t let her speak. Just get on with it Taylor."

For a moment Chuck said nothing before a smile slipped on his face and he shrugged. “Fine, whatever, I’m here to let you know you’re gonna be facing your best friend tonight.”

The announcement was met with silence and slowly one of Dean’s brows raised in a silent question. When no words followed Chuck rambled on trying to fill the void. “Serves you right really for such a stupid stipulation.”

Pushing off the wall Dean finally appeared at least vaguely interested in what was happening. “Let me see if I understand this correctly. You think you’re punishing me by having my opponent be Rhodes.”

"Duh, besides now he’s double booked." Chuck’s smile grew and the champion was clearly proud of his choice and in a way it was the perfect strategy if he wanted Cody to really hate the main event. Dean however seemed anything but impressed.

Christ you’re fucking stupid.”

"No he is not." Veda popped out from behind his elbow a glare on his face and pointed a finger at Dean. "You-"

"Need to fucking muzzle your pets before they go missing. Cody vs me, sounds good mental manipulator. I’ll see you in the ring later tonight when I announce your opponent and we’ll see who’s better at this game." With that Dean turned on his heel and left the champion and his lawyer alone in the hallway.

Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho | Raw | 4.17.14 

Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho came out for their match with their respective entrances. As soon as they were settled in the ring, the referee called for the bell to signify the start of the match. Bryan offered a handshake which Chris obliged to. They vowed to put on a great match for the crowd that night. They locked up, one-upping each other with variations of submission holds. Most of the match consisted of Chris dominating Bryan in the ring but Bryan would eventually fight back. Chris would retreat to the outside to regroup. Bryan would throw himself out of the ring and launch himself at Chris but instead, he crashed to the floor, nobody home for the dive. Chris then tossed Bryan into the ring and controlled the match from there. After Chris displayed much of his dominance, his arrogance caused the momentum to shift in Bryan’s favor. Bryan climbed up the top turnbuckle and landed a Missile Dropkick on Chris Jericho. He went for the pin attempt but he was unsuccessful.

Towards the end of the match, Bryan stalked Jericho and waited for him to get up the mat. He was about to unleash a busaiku knee until Chris dodged the move and Bryan landed on his back. Chris grabbed Bryan by the legs and went for the Walls of Jericho. The hold was locked in and it looked like Bryan was about to suffer his first loss. He tried hard not to tap. He was shaking his head furiously. He planted his hands firmly on the mat and tried his best to slip his arms through Chris’s legs. Once he got Chris off-balance, he hooked Chris’s legs and reversed the Walls of Jericho into a victory roll pin. The referee reached the three count and Daniel Bryan was the winner. After celebrating the victory, he reached out to Chris, offering a handshake. Chris looked down on the mat before taking Bryan’s hand, pulling himself up and whispering something into Bryan’s ear before leaving the ring himself. Whatever it was he whispered, it left Bryan with a huge smile on his face.

After Daniel Bryan secured the victory, he demanded for a mic from the ringside crew. He placed it near his lips and didn’t speak right away. He looked around the crowd and finally spoke. “What’s a guy gotta do to get a title shot around here, huh?” There was a kind of happiness to his face. The kind that said ‘I’m grateful for all the opportunities but I want more.’ Bryan paced around the ring and continued, “Ever since I returned to this company, I have been unstoppable. Every match I’ve competed in — you name it — I’ve won.” He pointed to the crowd and continued, “You guys know how much I love this sport. And when you love something so much, sometimes you’re willing to do it for free.” He placed his arm down and looked down on the mat contemplatively.

Bryan looked back up and continued to speak, “But I want to be the best in this business. I know what I’m capable of and I know what I deserve. I’ve wrestled a hell of a lot of people to get to this point. And for months, I have been waiting for an opportunity… but it seems I’ve got to take matters into my own hands.” He pointed to the stage and continued speaking, “I don’t care if I get pushed straight to the top or if I have to start from the bottom. Hell, maybe Chris and I could team up for tag team gold. I don’t care… You guys know the saying, ‘give a cat a fish, he’ll eat for a day, but teach a cat to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime’? Well, give Daniel Bryan a match, and he’ll win for a day… but give Daniel Bryan a shot, he’ll be the best for a lifetime.” Daniel dropped the mic and started a ‘YES!’ chant which the crowd supported as the cameras turned over to commercial break..

Backstage | Raw | 4.17.14 

Coming backstage, the cameras focused in on the inside of the General Manager’s office where Chuck Taylor could be seen standing in his ring gear with his arms crossed and a scowl on his features in front of Triple H’s desk, which the General Manager was currently leaning carelessly against. Cody Rhodes was also present in the room, leaning against the wall well away from Taylor himself and examining his nails with an almost bored expression on his features, dressed as he had been in the start of the night but not looking nearly as neatly put together in the business casual outfit as he had earlier on.

“Gentlemen, I bet you’d like to guess why I asked the two of you here, but you probably won’t be right so I won’t beat around the bush. Taylor, you’re clearly aren’t happy with the events of the last RAW or with being in competition today, which is just too bad. It’s your job and you’re going to do it, lawyer be damned.” As Taylor opened up his mouth to offer some form of protest to this, Hunter held up a hand to silence him and continued to speak. “But I’m a fair guy, I think, and it’s clear to me that maybe you just need some sort of… Motivation, something to show you that you aren’t being singled out to get the crap beat out of ya, you’re just being held to great expectations now that before. Yadda, yadda. Look, long story short, Steph wants an olive branch to be offered here, so here’s the deal—Rhodes, you listening to me?”

“Hanging onto every word, sir,” Cody’s response sounded just as bored as he looked, not having once raised his gaze to look at the General Manager until that moment when he glanced up from examining his nails, “Taylor’s whining a lot about wrestling ‘mean people’ in ‘hard matches,’ you’re a fair guy, Stephanie wants to offer an olive branch…” Shrugging, the ex-champion straightened up from the wall and gestured between the two other men then to himself. “What I fail to see is what this has to do with me.”

“I’m glad you bring it up, kid. Since you two are constantly at odds and pretty much polar opposites, Stephanie and I decided to put you in the same match Taylor had with Havoc last show for our main event tonight.” As Cody seemed to blanch and Chuck’s expression lit up, Hunter straightened up himself and walked over to throw an arm around the Georgia native’s shoulders, giving him a little shake as if to take him out of whatever trance. “And being the great worker you are, Stephanie and I think you are clearly the best person to act as an example not only to Taylor here, but the rest of the locker room on what it means to go out there and put on a great show no matter the, ah… Situation. After all, you’re all here to wrestle.”

“You’re sticking me into a street fight with Havoc to appease this—this—ugh.” Reaching up to rub at his temples, Cody glared across the space separating himself and the now-grinning Champion.

“Yeah, buddy, go out there and show me how it’s done.” Chuck taunted, clearly catching onto the apprehension of his enemy.

“…Fine. Straight up street fight with Havoc, no getting counted out or anything.” Cody snapped, clenching his fists as he pulled out of Hunter’s reach and headed for the door, turning his head once he reached it to look back at the Kentucky Gentleman. “Unlike you, Taylor, I’m not a goddamn wuss who can’t handle a little extra pain. After all, I’ve already faced down some of the worst and come out on top. Havoc will be no different.”

Dolph Ziggler vs. Robert Anthony | Raw | 4.17.14 

Robert Anthony made his way out on the stage first. Next came Dolph Ziggler, being accompanied by Torrie Wilson. Dolph and Ego were in the ring and Torrie stayed at Dolph’s corner, playing the role of cheerleader. She got Dolph’s shirt in her hand and his phone, it seems, as well as his Money in the Bank briefcase. Yes, that still exists. The referee got between the two men and called for the bell to signify the start of the match. Dolph and Ego locked up immediately and Dolph placed Ego’s head in a headlock. “I’m gonna wear your scarf like this!” Dolph was heard saying. Ego wiggled his way out of the hold and shoved Dolph into the ropes. The Show Off bounced back but was met with a dropkick. Dolph rolled out of the ring to regroup. While he was walking around, he got knocked into the announce table by Ego who had done a baseball slide kick to Dolph.

Ego exited the ring along the way and grabbed Dolph by the hair. He slammed Dolph’s face over the announce table before tossing him into the steel steps to which Dolph flipped over in probably a 360-degree spinning fashion. Because it’s Dolph. Ego walked over to where Dolph was and picked him up before tossing him back into the ring. Dolph was struggling to get up while Ego followed him into the ring. Ego grabbed Dolph by the hair again and pulled his body back, cracking it over Ego’s knee in a backbreaker position. Ego then put Dolph in a submission move, stretching the limits of Dolph’s spine by pulling his head closer to the mat. Dolph flailed his arms around to get at Ego. He gets one lucky strike in and another, throwing Ego off his game and loosening his grip. Dolph got back up to his feet and struck Ego down with a dropkick. Both men got back to their feet again and Dolph released another dropkick. Dolph then ran across the ring and bounced off the ropes but then both men apparently had the same idea so they ended up dropkicking each other. Both men are now down on the mat.

Torrie was cheering Dolph on, banging the mat and telling her baby to get back up. Dolph and Ego were slowly rising back to their feet. As they turned around to face each other, they had a quick staredown before Dolph threw the first punch. Ego then got a punch in of his own. The two men slowly exchanged tired punches, trying to tire each other out. Ego decided to break the monotony and release a clothesline but Dolph ducked and brought Ego down with a neckbreaker. Dolph landed some hard elbows on Ego’s sternum. On the third elbow, Dolph stood over Ego and did a little Ziggle Wiggle but instead, he met Ego’s boots to his midsection as Ego raised his legs up to block the elbow attempt. Ego then got back to his feet with a kip-up. He saw Dolph on his knees so he decided to run across the ring and land a dropkick to Dolph’s face, knocking him down. Ego then flipped Dolph’s body over, setting up his finisher. Torrie got on the apron, bouncing around and being restrained by the referee. The distraction caused Ego to stop what he was doing and telling the referee to pay attention to the match. After Torrie got down, Ego turned back around only to find Dolph bringing him down with a Zig Zag. The move knocked the wind out of Dolph himself and it took him a while before securing a pinfall victory.

As Dolph’s name was announced as the winner, Torrie joined Dolph in the ring, handing him his Money in the Bank briefcase and his phone. She blew a kiss to the fallen Robert Anthony. Dolph motioned to Torrie for a selfie on his phone which they kissed for. Dolph then took another selfie, crouching down and making sure Ego is in the shot as well. Torrie left the ring and Dolph followed her out. He then stopped and turned around, eyeing Robert’s scarf. He walked over to the Burberry scarf and placed it around his neck. He ran back up to Torrie, catching up with her.