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*This is all a part of a WWE roleplay. This is not real and we are not affiliated with the WWE. See here for more details/if you have questions.*
  • Daniel Bryan vs Lucky13
  • Devon Moore vs Sami Callihan
  • Alexa Bliss vs. Shelly Martinez
  • Cody Rhodes vs. Dolph Ziggler
  • BitchCraft vs. Emma & Summer Rae
  • Chuck Taylor vs. Dean Ambrose

Card subject to change.

As the cameras turned ringside, Dean Ambrose and Cody Rhodes could be seen making their way down the ramp to the ring, Ambroses’ music playing over the speakers. The two men were exchanging words, both looking to be agitated but all arguing stopped once they reached the ring. Climbing up onto the ring apron, Dean shoved his friend back off the apron. Cody dropped to his feet by the ring and glared up at the other before simply rolling into the ring as Chuck Taylor’s music hit. The WWE Champion came out onto the stage alongside Johnny Gargano, grinning largely even as his friend was seen nudging him along down the ramp. The two men climbed up onto the apron at the same time, glaring across the ring at Ambrodes before climbing in between the ropes.

The two teams stood across from each other, each pair of men debating on who should start the match. As Chuck stepped out to the apron, Cody moved forward as if to start the match against Johnny but Dean caught him the by the back of the head and pushed him toward the ropes.

“Didn’t say you could leave the corner, bitch boy.” Dean’s voice was clear as he moved to the center of the ring himself, Johnny and Chuck exchanging a laugh as Cody just shoved his friend’s hand away and climbed out to the apron. Their laughter drew Dean’s attention, and within seconds he had caught hold of Johnny and was manhandling him across the ring to throw into the nearest turnbuckle, fists slamming into his midsection repeatedly as Gargano struggled to protect himself and the referee attempted to pry him off. “Who gave you permission to laugh, jellyfish?”

As he was forced to back away from his onslaught, Dean shook his head a bit and stretched out his arms in preparation for his next move. Running forward, he rammed his shoulder into Gargano’s midsection, pulling back to repeat the movement until the other man sank to the mat. Stomping on him for good measure, Dean spun and walked away from the corner to his and Cody’s, smacking his friend on the cheek a couple of times before jerking his head for the man to get into the ring. Turning back around, he went to pull Johnny out of the corner, clearly intending to do the usual routine of whipping him toward his partner.

Johnny countered the movement, however, dropping back to his ass on the mat and instead yanking Dean by his arm forward so that he tripped over Gargano and got hung up on the ropes directly behind him. Hopping back to his feet, Johnny then ducked under an incoming Rhodes, quickly dropkicking his back to send him crashing into his friend’s back. As Dean tumbled out of the ring through the ropes, Cody stumbled back shaking his head in attempt to clear it. Johnny was waiting for him, catching him in a full nelson from behind and going for a Hurts Donut.

The move connected and Gargano wasted no time going for a pin, the referee only getting to a count of one before Johnny found himself yanked straight out of the ring by Dean. He landed on his feet, stumbling back as the violent male shoved him hard in the direction of the steel steps and his own partner. Chuck, sensing trouble, jumped down from the apron to catch and steady his friend, the two looking ready to face of with Ambrose outside the ring. All it took was for Dean to flinch forward, however, for Chuck to let out a small shriek and duck behind his friend, who gave him an unimpressed look.

“What? He’s crazy, okay!” Chuck defended himself automatically upon seeing the look, straightening up to glare at his friend accusingly. “Don’t judge!”

“You’re basically afraid of the boogyman.” Johnny told him flatly. “A not-so-scary idea of a monster that you’ve built up in your head.”

Before any further debate could be had on the issue, however, Cody Rhodes flew out of no where in a suicide dive that connected with both Gargano and Taylor. As the trio crashed to the ground, Dean paced forward and automatically reached down to yank his friend back to his feet out of the tangle of limbs. Brushing himself off with a wince, Cody idly kicked Johnny in the side, speaking clearly enough for the cameras to pick up.

“The Boogyman is actually pretty fuckin’ creepy,” it was stated in a tone that seemed almost insulted by Johnny’s previous statements as a cheer went up, “and I don’t think he’d appreciate you trying to imply otherwise.”

Leaning down, he grabbed Johnny to throw back into the ring, meaning to roll in after him and leave Chuck to Dean’s mercy only to find his leg caught and clung to by the WWE Champion. There was a moment of confusion as Cody tried to detach the man from himself, stumbling and even shaking his leg to try and force Chuck to let go but the Kentucky native was adamant, shaking his head. Curses could be heard leaving Cody’s lips as he fought with the man, Ambrose being shown to be content watching with his arms crossed, head tilted slightly to the side. It wasn’t until Johnny, who appeared to have recovered in the interm, reached down over the top rope to grip Rhodes by the arm and yanked him up and into the ring that the WWE champion released the hold, quickly scrambling onto the apron to get away from Ambrose as well as to make a tag to his friend.

Dusting his hands off as if he’d just taken part in a genius plot, Chuck rushed forward to stomp down on Cody where he had been laid out in the ring. A determined expression was seen on the champion’s face as he continued stomping down on his nemesis, gripping the ropes to get extra leverage until the referee forced him away from them as well as stopping his attack. Taking a couple of steps back, he glared at the official before shoving past him and leaning down to drag Cody up from the mat. Tossing him into his and Johny’s corner, he dragged his forearm to and fro over the other’s face, landing a couple of quick headshots before being pulled back once again by the official.

Unseen by the referee as Chuck argued with them, Johnny took hold of Cody’s head from behind and threw a couple of quick shots in himself before releasing as Chuck came forward again, pretending nothing had happened. No sooner had Chuck come back onto the attack on Cody, however, than Dean was seen yanking Gargano down from the apron and launching a physical attack on him. The disruption distracted Chuck, making him look out and yell for the referee to get Dean away from his friend, going so far as to whip Cody around and throw him through the ropes at the two fighting males so that all three crashed to the ground before he slid out of the ring himself to pull Johnny up and away from the two teammates.

Dean shoved the still dazed and in pain Rhodes off him immediately, climbing to his feet before dragging his friend up as well. Gripping him by the face, he could be seen sneering something at Rhodes before shoving him away toward the ring. Cody didn’t appear affected by it, trying to shake off the affects of the match before gesturing for Dean to get back to their corner as he turned toward Chuck.

The Kentucky native was ready for him, immediately catching his arm and hitting a Sole Food right out on the mat by the apron to drop Rhodes to the ground. As Dean returned to the corner unconcerned by the events, Chuck could be seen enlisting an exhausted Johnny’s help in lifting Rhodes from the ground and rolling him into the ring. As Johnny slumped to rest against the steel steps and Chuck climbed up onto the apron, none other than Dolph Ziggler’s music hit over the speakers.

The crowd exploded in excitement as the Show Off came out onto the ramp, Money in the Bank briefcase in hand. Chuck turned to glare at him from the apron, gesturing with a hand to try and tell him to get lost, but the blond just gave an easy smile as he strutted down the ramp. Playing innocent toward an increasingly agitated looking Chuck and trying to convince the WWE Champion to finish the match and put his attention back on Cody. He was ignored until he began to walk around the ring to take a spectating role, Chuck turning on the apron to keep his eye on the blond.

Thanks to the distraction Dolph had provided, Cody had a chance to recover in the ring and could be seen getting to his feet as the blond tried to direct the champion’s attention back to the match. Glancing back at Dean who was calling something incomprehensible out to him, Cody took one look at the Kentucky native’s position before running at the ropes. Jumping up onto the middle turnbuckle in Chuck and Johny’s corner, Rhodes connected with a Beautiful Disaster kick to the outside of the apron just as Chuck was turning back toward him in the ring, still following Dolph’s movements. As the move connected, the champion’s tight grip on the top rope slackened and he reared back some before slowly slipping into a partially laying position on the apron, the only thing keeping him from falling to the floor being his slack grip on the ropes.

Wasting no time, Cody reached down to yank Chuck into the ring beneath the bottom rope. Pulling him back to his feet, the self-proclaimed Prince of wrestling set up for Cross Rhodes, connecting and going for an immediate pin. As his music blared through the speakers three quick slaps to the mat later, he sat up with a smirk on his face and shot a thumbs up to Dolph who just raised his hands on either side in a helpless looking shrug.

Not much time appeared to be given to celebrate, however, as Johnny Gargano was quick to climb into the ring and approach the two enemies. He didn’t get a chance to show whether or not there was any malicious intent behind his movements before Dean Ambrose was also in the ring and had tackled him to the mat. Immediately, a brawl was initiated between the two men, and they rolled straight out of the ring in the midst of their struggle as Cody was left to stare after them in confusion for a moment before sliding out of the ring himself to try and pry his friend away from the fight.

With Chuck Taylor still left laid out in the middle of the ring, the cameras switched from the chaos by the ramp to show Dolph Ziggler. His face appeared serious as he looked between the champion and the briefcase in his hand before grinning at the perfect opportunity. Waving for the ref’s attention, he climbed into the ring and shoved his briefcase at the official, making his intentions clear and earning an excited wave of noise from the crowd. By this point Chuck was starting to get to his feet and before the official even had the chance to confirm that the match would happen, Dolph had caught Taylor with a Zig-Zag. Kipping up back to his feet, he once again insisted the official “start the match” but was interrupted by another Beautiful Disaster kick from Cody Rhodes, who had returned to the ring without his noticing to stop the blond from cashing in.

As Dolph dropped to the mat, Cody could be seen yanking the briefcase from the official’s hands and throwing it clear out of the ring. Not satisfied with that, he turned back to drag the Show Off to his feet by his hair, proceeding to throw him from the ring as well much to the crowd’s enjoyment. As Dolph toppled to the ground outside the ring, Cody spun back around to meet the gaze of a dazed but obviously confused Chuck Taylor. A moment passed with the two men staring each other down, one sitting and the other standing, before Cody turned to climb out of the ring, his music blaring out over the speakers once more as RAW faded to a close.

The screen switched over to see the camera panning up from the Louboutin clad feet to reveal the beautiful French Canadian Maryse, who was seemingly headed somewhere in hurry.

"Where is she? J’ai juste besoin de quelques petits gâteaux…"

The camera moved to get a side profile of the diva just as her eyes lit up, indicating she had found whomever she was looking for.

"Ryse! You’re just going to love——"

Maryse raised a finger to calmly quite the other women, who turned out to be one of WWE’s newest signee’s, Candice LeRae. “Just let me see it…”

Candice happily obliged and opened a small container that she had held in her hand to reveal an assortment of miniture cupcakes. Some were chocolate frosted, some were key lime pie flavored then there was one simple red velvet, but this one was decorated fancy with small candy pearls and edible glitter. She retrieved the cupcake, handing gently to her friend. Maryse smiled, taking the treat and subtly licking her lips. 


"You still owe me that photoshoot with the cupcakes you know…" Candice said with an overexaggerated wink.

Maryse simply laughed and reciprocated with a wink of her own before turning on her heels and heading back down the hallway.

"There’s cupcakes?!"

The blonde bombshell was so intrigued by her cupcake, not even looking up at whoever was speaking to her. Instead she simply waved them off, pointing behind her and continued on.

A rush of footsteps was heard as the camera panned back over to now see Candice with an empty box in her hand and tiny bits of frosting on her face and crumbs on the ground, an unpleasant look upon her features.

"You guys couldn’t even save me one of my own?! Oh and yeah…y-you’re welcome!"

East Coast, Fuck You started to blare through the arena, Lucky13 running out to the ramp with his usual energy despite the current circumstances. He still had a job to entertain the fans and easily fell into doing so, getting a few pops as he backflipped into the ring from the turnbuckle and landed on his feet. Boundless by Hatebreed began, and Devon Moore stepped out, rambling angrily at anyone who’d listen as the camera came in on him.

“Yeah, cuz, I’m still usin’ your fuckin’ music, how’s that for kicked out?” he taunted the lens as before chucking under it, running for the ring and sliding under the bottom rope before getting back to his feet.

Devon and Lucky came face to face again, the referee having to come between them to force them apart before hastily ringing the bell to start the match. Dev immediately went for a hard right hand, Lucky apparently having the same thought and they simultaneously slugged each other in the jaw. It didn’t seem to bother either of them, though, Devon going for Lucky again only to have the smaller man roll forward and under his arms before catching him with a swinging neckbreaker from behind. As quickly as Dev’s back hit the mat, he was back up, tackling the smaller man and sitting on his chest for a ground and pound combo. tHURTeen didn’t bother trying to protect his face, instead throwing punches back until he managed to flip Devon off of him. Getting to his feet quickly, he jumped over Dev’s prone body and used the ropes to flip backward with a lionsault, but Dev got his knees up.

Lucky rolled away while Dev got to his feet, grabbing him by the back of the neck and the waistband of his trunks and throwing him into the turnbuckle shoulder first, the pain evident on Lucky’s face. Grabbing him and tossing him across the ring, Lucky fought past the hurt and climbed the turnbuckle, corkscrewing back and hitting a crossbody. Devon didn’t anticipate the quick counter and took the full hit of it, but rolled through, using it for a pin attempt.


Lucky powered out and began to slam his knee into his friend’s temple, doing his best to keep him winded and stunned as he wormed his way out of his grasp. Getting behind him, he grabbed both of Dev’s arms and torqued them back, putting his feet between his shoulder blades and keeping it on until Moore edged close enough to the ropes to get his foot under them. tHURTeen broke the hold at the three count, then slammed his heel into the back of Moore’s head for good measure, the apparent anger causing him to act uncharacteristically.

He untangled himself from Devon and caught his breath, trying to figure out his next move as he watched the estranged Nation member struggle to get to his feet. When Dev turned around, he booted him in the gut, then turned to hit a stunner, but Moore shoved him away and clotheslined him as he turned back around. He picked him up as he got to his feet and slung him back in a northern lights suplex, then stood, going to the turnbuckle and motioning for a beer to be thrown to him. He caught the first one then motioned for a second, holding both to his chest and rousing a fallen tHURTeen and handing him the beer in a show of apology.

tHURTeen looked at the given beer skeptically, but opened it when Dev did the same and slammed it against his friends when he offered a toast, before kicking it back at the same time. As he was chugging, though, Dev stopped drinking and waited for Lucky to stop before blindsiding him with a nearly full can to the temple. The bell was run signalling a DQ as Moore laughed, a grin plastered on his face as he left the ring, grabbing a fan’s beer and walking towards the back.

Michael Cole recalled the altercation between Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho in their first team-building therapy session with Dr. Shelby which ended with Jericho walking out on his partner after the short session. Now, we see Bryan waiting around in a big empty space with Dr. Shelby close by with a clipboard in his hand. Jericho arrived without much fanfare and looked irritated that he had to endure another session with this guy.

“Are you gonna be this late during wrestling training, too?” Bryan inquired with his hands resting on his hips. Chris rolled his eyes and didn’t acknowledge Bryan’s criticism. Without saying a word, he presented himself to the two men, ready to begin.

“Well,” Dr. Shelby began, sifting through his notes. “Like I said before, there isn’t a level of trust between you two right now and I thought maybe we could change that with some trust-fall exercises!”

“Trust-fall?” Bryan repeated. “You mean those catch-me-if-I-fall kind of things in the movies?”

“Yes, Daniel,” Dr. Shelby replied. “To build your trust in each other, you have to believe in your partner’s initiative to save you from sticky situations. You just have to remove all your inhibitions and fully believe that your partner is going to catch you from falling.”

Bryan glanced over at Chris who was still showing no interest in what was happening.

“So, who would like to begin?” Dr. Shelby asked. After a short pause and no one volunteering, he continued, “Okay, Bryan. Why don’t you start?”

“Nope,” said Bryan, shaking his head.

Thinking Bryan would trust Chris if he found out Chris trusted him, Dr. Shelby decided to plead with the Canadian superstar.

“Chris?” Dr. Shelby followed.

The ring veteran shrugged his shoulders and stepped forward. Pleased with this development, Dr. Shelby walked over to one of the small hard cases and instructed to Chris, “Just get up on this platform right here, please.” He then turned to Bryan and extended his arm to the spot in front of the hard case. “Bryan, if you will, stand on that spot over there so you can catch Chris perfectly.”

Dr. Shelby was referring to the spot marked with an X on the floor. Bryan positioned himself while Chris got up on the case, his back turned to Bryan.

“Ready and… go!” Dr. Shelby exclaimed.

Chris took a freefall from the case and safely got caught by Bryan who pushed him lightly in return to help him get back to his feet.

“We’re making good progress here!” Dr. Shelby commented. “Now let’s reverse the roles, shall we?”

Bryan was hesitant but eventually he conceded. Bryan climbed up the hard case while Chris stood at the X-mark with his arms similarly crossed over his chest.

“Okay, ready? And go!” said Dr. Shelby.

There was a slight contemplative pause after Dr. Shelby’s go signal. Eventually, Bryan fell from the hard case and landed safely in Chris’s arms. Dr. Shelby was elated but the smile grew into a frown when after catching Bryan, he immediately let go of him, causing Bryan to stumble a bit. Bryan flailed his arms and struggled to keep his balance. Once he did, he glared at Chris.

“I uh… I think we reached a breakthrough here!” Dr. Shelby commented while Bryan and Chris continued glaring at each RAW switched to the view at ringside.

As Raw returned back from commercial break fans could be heard cheering in mixture with ‘King of the World’ by Porcelain and the Tramps playing as they turned to the crowd with various signs being held by fans but one in particular being zoomed in on that said “Team Buggy” before they turned back towards the ring area where the Candyland Diva herself, Buggy Nova, was coming along the side just slapping some of the fans hands before stopping and pointing out to the sign despite it’s distance as she waved her hand in excitement followed by blowing a kiss in their direction before turning around to skip over to the ring. Once she’d gone up the steel steps and got into the ring she took her rightful spot in her corner while still motioning the fans in excitement as she hopped around in spot while waiting anxiously for WWE’s newest diva and though they’d never crossed paths before outside of the company, she was well aware this wasn’t going to be an easy task.

Suddenly her music cut out and was replaced by Jonas’ version of ‘Edge of Seventeen’ as Lilian Garcia began to speak up for all to hear. “And making her debut, all the way from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada…Portia Perez!” some fans showing their approval but a mixture remained as the short Canadian made her way out. A confident grin clearly plastered across her lips as she held her arms out while making her way down to the ring. Not even bothering with the steps she hopped up onto the apron and got in between the ropes to get into the ring while extending her arms out again, spinning a few times until she was in the middle before dropping down on one knee to flex her guns while some fans in the front row began to boo her. But she stood back to her feet now waving them before they did it again now urging her to get over to the ropes and step on the bottom one while leaning over motioning them to come at her before laughing them off.

As both ladies now turned their attention to one another the referee rang the bell and the both of them circled the ring a few times before meeting in the middle for a lock up. Without any hesitation it was Buggy who got the upper hand now pushing the shorter female back until she was backed into the nearest corner. But just like that she let go of their grip and ducked underneath to get out of the corner, Nova turning around only to get yanked forward. Portia now twisting the Californians arm as a look of pain came over her face, eventually getting to the point that the newcomer put so much pressure on it that she was down to one knee. That was when the hold was broken but while Buggy shook off her arm and went to get back to her feet Perez now wrapped her arm around the other diva’s neck, putting her in a headlock while she’d clearly tried to get out but it was a failed attempt to do so.

Finally getting tired of Nova’s struggling Portia with a hip toss brought them both down onto the mat never once releasing the headlock which only frustrated the Candyland Diva more as she tried to get back up, only for the hold to be tightened leaving her right where she lay. For a moment they remained like that, referee checking in on Buggy while the hold remained. However when the fans began chanting for their favorite in this matchup it was enough to help give the Californian just what she needed, slowly but surely struggling to get to her knees even though Perez was trying to do everything in her power to prevent it. Eventually getting a few elbows into the newcomers midsection which caused her to release the hold where Nova could get back to her feet. Well aware she needed to follow up, the Canadian launched forward with an attempt to get a clothesline in but it was ducked and as she turned around she was met with a huge foot to the face that knocked her small frame to the mat back first.

After being dazed Portia eventually getting back up to her feet as the two came back at each other delivering some right arms before Buggy had her opponent backed up into the ropes, whipping her off to the other side but as the shorter diva came back she managed to duck underneath, turn around and hit Nova with a dropkick sending her to the mat this time. Only taking a few seconds to gloat as Perez showed off her guns before going back to Buggy and pulling her back up to her feet in order to push her up against the ropes in order to dish out a vicious chop to her chest, not once but twice, before Nova tried to fight back. Mixture of elbows being given out between the two and then a swerve when Buggy got the newcomer with a chop of her own. It wasn’t as powerful and it only backfired when Portia came back with another as they were towards the middle of the ring now. Suddenly Nova powering up as she slammed both hands down on the mat before firing back with an even harder chop that sent Perez down to the mat.

Visibly frustrated the Canadian reached out now kicking Buggy in the leg enough to make her stumble as the smaller female got up to her feet only to get a shove for her efforts but retaliated quickly with a slap right across Nova’s face. This only irked Buggy who went to strike back but as she moved forward Portia tripped her so that she fell face first into the second turnbuckle before the newcomer continued, stomping down on Nova’s back until she was able to turn around, holding onto her face with one hand while trying to push the other back with the other but to no avail. Perez continuing to stomp away at her opponent until the referee motioned her back. Slowly Buggy was able to get back to her feet but once she stumbled out of the corner, her hand still motioning over her mouth to check for any damage which distracted her from Portia who quickly took advantage as she yanked the Candyland Diva towards the middle and planting her with a swinging reverse STO.

Fans were in upset as Perez got back to her feet, once more taunting the fans as she again stood on the bottom rope while leaning forward giving this smug grin before hopping back down to the mat and going over towards her opponent. At this point Nova was already moving around a bit but was helped back to her feet anyways and shoved up against the ropes once more before being whipped off. However the Canadian never saw it coming as Buggy struck back with a vicious clothesline but Portia was quick to get on her feet only to get another, this repeating two more times until finally Nova caught the smaller diva in her arms now swinging her around and planting her with a Plan B (sidewalk slam). Fans going nuts as she went for a cover but unable to even get that as Perez began kicking her feet about. Frustrated herself now, Buggy got back to her feet helping Portia to hers as she delivered some elbows to the side of her face to back her into the nearest corner.

Getting her there as she wrapped an arm around the newcomers neck and proceeded to go forward in what looked to be like her attempting her signature Buggy Bulldog, only to get shoved right before she could get it. The push sending Nova into the opposite corner but was able to quickly turn around and as she did Perez collided with her, sending a knee right into her gut before backing up while grabbing a hold of Buggy’s wrist to yank her along with her. Portia now bringing her opponents arm around her neck before grabbing the California native’s tutu and tights but Nova continued to hang on, blocking it to the best of her ability before getting released now spinning around and dishing out a huge elbow to her opponents face. Once more she wrapped an arm around Perez’s neck seemingly going for it again but once more finding herself shoved towards the ropes. Only as she turned around Portia hit her with a superkick that sent her flying back into the ropes and coming forward to where the Canadian got behind her, grabbed her arms, twisted the both of them around and dropped down driving Nova’s face into the mat with a inverted double underhook facebuster which she calls the Kosher Pickle before going for the pin.


Once more Edge of Seventeen blast over the speakers while fans booed the newcomer as she rose to her knees, arms spread out again gloating about her win before the referee came over to raise her hand to which she got to her feet in the process taking it in for a moment before snatching her hand from his grip. “Don’t touch me!” she shot back at him, giving him a hateful glare before turning back around to the fans while showing a smile as she again showed her guns off and then proceeding to get out of the ring. Meanwhile referee checking on Nova who could be clenching her head while looking rather angry at her opponent while The Canadian Ninja had continued to walk to the back without a care, taking in the boos proudly before the camera faded to black.

Backstage, incomprehensible yelling could be heard as the camera focused backstage on a door marked for Ambrodes. The door was shut tight, leaving only audio sound to give some sort of clue as to what might be going on inside. Dean’s voice came out on top of all the noise, a mixture of curses and yellings about idiots and jelly and wanting people to just shut up for two seconds. Surprisingly, Cody’s voice didn’t join in making the ruckus, signaling that perhaps the two weren’t fighting or if there was a dispute, it was one-sided.

Snickering sounded to the side of the camera and it panned over to show none other than the WWE champion Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano standing a few feet away from the door, clearly listening to the ruckus. Chuck had a wide grin on his features, while Johnny was clearly the one who had laughed, either at something the champion had said or the yelling coming from the locker room. The two looked as though they’d been standing there for awhile, comfortably situated against a one of the many crates strewn backstage during a show.

All noise from inside the locker room suddenly halted and, mere moments later the door opened and Cody Rhodes slipped out, shaking his hand as if having just hit a particularly hard surface. He closed the door behind him and seemed ready to head down the hall before spotting the two men nearby. Immediately, Cody paused with his hand still on the doorknob and his eyes narrowed at the two before he straightened and crossed his arms.

“Don’t tell me you’re going back to your stalking days, Taylor. Last I checked there are any other number of places you could choose to hang out rather than right outside the ‘psychopaths’ locker room.” Cody addressed the champion, ignoring Johnny altogether in that moment. “You know, given you’re so concerned for your mental and physical well-being when it comes to myself, Dean and Selina.”

“You’ve got it all wrong, buddy!” Chuck shot a sidelong glance at Johnny before standing up straight himself with the same smile as before.

“We were on our way to catering when we heard all the noise, just thought we’d stop and make sure everything was alright in paradise.” Johnny spoke up finally, also smiling though not as pronounced as his friend as they approached the Georgia native. “Sounds like you two might need some help from that Dr. Shelby guy.”

“Do you want me to talk to him, Coddles?” Chuck suddenly asked, all seriousness as his hands shot out to catch Rhodes own, the latter’s face gaining a slightly alarmed look at the sudden contact. “I know you’re used to it, but abuse in relationships is a horrible thing and someone should speak up before something really bad—what’s on your hand?” Sidetracked, Chuck dropped the disgruntled Prince’s right hand in favor of holding the left up to his face for inspection with a dramatic gasp. “Did—did Ambrose finally put a ring on it?”

“Stop touching me!” Cody snapped finally as he yanked his hand away from Chuck’s grip, wiping it on his shirt in a disgruntled fashion. “Neither your presence nor your sense of humor is appreciated here, so why don’t you two idiots just go somewhere you’ll be more appreciated?”

“We’re just concerned, buddy. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that, well…” Chuck suddenly seemed hesitant, looking over at Johnny who just shrugged and made an encouraging ‘go on’ gesture. “Your boyfriend there is losing his mind and you’re paying for it, babe. I know it’s hard, but you just have to accept—”

A girlish shriek escaped Chuck’s lips as he was suddenly tackled around the midsection by the fed up male before him. The two slammed into the wall before the champion fought back, moving with enough force to ram them into the locker room door on the other side of the hall. The two were soon brawling on the ground as Johnny tried to break them up, yanking Rhodes off his friend only to receive a punch to the face for his efforts and officially turning the fight into a two-on-one situation that Cody was surprisingly managing to hold his own in for the moment.

Unnoticed by the three men fighting, Ambrodes’ locker room door had slowly swung open, Dean Ambrose walking out of it with a hand wiping what appeared to be blood from his lip. The camera zoomed in as his gaze landed on the brawl, expression unchanging as he looked down at the ground to see where the WWE Championship had fallen, leaning down to pick it up and examining himself in the reflection of the metal. By this point the numbers game was catching up to Cody and he seemed about to hit the ground when Dean barreled into the side of the champion and his friend, using the title as an odd shield-type of weapon to make the impact harder and sending all four men to the ground.

“I thought I had been clear—” Dean’s voice sounded out as the men tried to untangle, the more unhinged male being seen pressing the WWE championship in a grind against Chuck’s face and even pie-facing Johnny away into Cody when the man tried to pull him off. “Why does no one listen, huh, Taylor? Whyyy…” He dragged the WWE title down over Chuck’s cheek, leaning in to grip the champion’s jaw with his free hand to force eye contact. “Does no one listen when I warn them over and over and over and over? Huh?”

“Dean… Dea—” It was Cody this time who came to pull his friend off, stumbling but not being pushed away as his friend suddenly shot to a stand at the tug on his arm, dropping the WWE championship on Chuck’s face as he turned to look at the other.

“If the little shit finally wants to fight like big boys, you lispy fuck, should let him. Add in his buddy there and we’ll have a party right here! Or do you have too many boo-boos from being ganged up on like a damn bitch?” The harsh words made Cody’s eyes narrow and he looked for a moment like he might hit his friend for perhaps the second time that night, but he only shrugged and received a shove down the hall for his effort. “Then go tell whoever the fuck is in charge, I’ll take them both I don’t give a fuck. People say you shouldn’t poke a bear but I’m a goddamn dragon and they’re going to learn… They’re all going to learn what happens when you walk on my territory. My turf—”

“Your boyfriend?” Johnny quipped from where he’d helped Chuck up from the ground, the champion seeming to wither behind him when Dean’s attention snapped back to them with an odd look on his face.

“You might want to keep your third bitch in line, champy…” When Dean spoke, he was addressing Chuck rather than Johnny as he walked toward them, smiling brightly at Gargano. “Otherwise he might find himself missing a goddamn tongue after I rip it from his throat.”

“I know Rhodes has you confused on what’s a bitch and what’s a friend, Ambrose, but—” Gargano never got a chance to finish as Cody’s fist collided with the side of his face.

He stumbled a few paces away from Chuck who shrieked and scrambled away toward the wall as Dean had took it as a sign to continue the fight and launched at him. The less mentally stable of Ambrodes halted in his tracks and turned to smirk at him, tapping his own head with his fist as he rotated it back and forth. Before he could make another approach, however, a large hand caught him by the shoulder and shoved him away down the hall, the camera turning to reveal none other than Triple H as he glared at Ambrose and went to tear Johnny and Cody apart, shoving Rhodes toward his friend and Gargano against the wall with Chuck.

“What in the blue hell is going on here?”

“The boys here came by for a playdate.” Dean’s automatic response didn’t look to impress as General Manager as he looked between the two pairs. “Didn’t want to send them home empty handed, Hunt.

“….Is that so?” Hunter muttered thoughtfully, Cody being seen shaking his head as he glared silently at Chuck and Johnny. “Well, then, I suppose you can finish it in the ring later tonight in a tag match.”

“I’ll take them alone, this bitch is useless—”

“Like hell you will, you son of a bitch—”

“Learn how to throw a fucking punch and maybe I’ll change my mind—”

“Punched you well enough earlier—”

“Had to save your ass right after—”

“I don’t recall asking—”

“Everyone knows you can’t handle your—”

“Enough, you two! Argue on your own time!” Triple H’s yell cut between Cody and Dean’s argument, the two men having gotten into each other’s faces as they went back and forth. Rhodes, obviously agitated by his friend’s attitude as of late, just stepped back and crossed his arms as he looked at Triple H. “Are you in or not, Rhodes?”

“Assuming Taylor won’t be running away, I’m more than happy to have a tag match.” He shot a glare at his friend as he said as much, but Dean seemed to be in his own little world again, the palm of his hand idly and rhythmically smacking the side of his head as he muttered quietly to himself.

“You sure you don’t want to go to couples counseling first, Rhodes?” Taylor quipped, glaring at his nemesis. “Remember what I said about that abuse—”

“I’ll show you fucking abuse—” Cody had taken a step forward, but Hunter’s hand on his chest stopped him short, making his eyes narrow as the champion just grinned.

“We’re done here. Taylor, Gargano, find somewhere to be. Ambrose, Rhodes… Go get your shit together before the match tonight.” Looking between the two sets of friends, Hunter glared at all four of them before speaking as firmly as he could to make his next point well listened to. “I don’t want you guys so much as breathing in each other’s directions until the match later tonight. Understand?”

As there was a general murmur of agreement among the men, the camera faded back out to ringside. The last image was Triple H turning his immediate attention to Rhodes in order to discuss something quietly as the champion and his friend vanished down the hallway.

Lillian Garcia stood in the ring, microphone in hand.  “This match is to confirm the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, and your girlfriend’s favorite, Jake Carter!”  Jake walked out from behind the curtain, arms spread.  He was chewing at a steady pace before stopping at the top of the ramp to take in the sight of the crowd.  He stopped chewing his gum just long enough to give a cocky half grin before walking down to the ring, slapping hands with fans as he went.  

He paused in front of a camera  then looked back toward the titantron to make sure it was on him before looking back to the camera.  “GOT THE WHOLE CITY BEHIND ME!” He shouted to keep from being drowned out by the sounds of the universe.  After he entered the ring he clapped for himself before hopping up onto a turnbuckle, twisting himself around to sit on it.

“And his opponent,” Lillian began again “Your intercontinental champion, the Death Machine, Sami Callihan!”

As Sami came down the entrance way, the camera cut back to Jake slow clapping. The look on the champion’s face was one of complete unamusement as he got into the ring, setting the title on the apron in the nearest corner.

Jake hopped down from the turnbuckle and walked to the center of the ring to meet Sami.  Jake was still chewing his gum with a smirk and Sami scowled at his opponent.  The two were clear foils Sami smaller, rounded and generally disheveled looking where as Carter was tall, fit and more of the handsome sort.  Carter grinned and Sami grimaced.  The bell rang to start the match, but neither man moved, they continued to stare each other down.

Callihan threw the first punch, connecting with Carter’s cheek.  Jake responded in kind by throwing a punch of his own.  Sami began to fire off several punches, staggering his opponent before running back to the ropes and coming back with a lariat that knocked his opponent to the ground.  Attempting to end the match quickly, Sami grabbed Jake’s foot attempting to get an early stretch muffler.  Jake however was able to kick The death machine away and get to his feet safely.  Jake wagged his finger at Sami still with his arrogant smile.  Callihan attempted another Lariat, Jake ducking under and turning back on his heels to grab Callihan around the waist and arching his back with a release German suplex which threw callihan half across the ring.  Jake got onto one knee and turned to face his opponent, and as soon as their eyes met Jake winked at him.

Sami got to his feet angrily and hit a knee lift on the still showboating Carter. With his opponent down, Sami drove his knee into Carter’s exposed sternum, then went for a quick pin.


Jake kicked out, Sami staying on top of him and getting him to his feet. He whipped him against the ropes and went for the lariat, but Carter again proved to have scouted the DeathMachine and ducked under it. However, on the rebound, Jake caught a face full of elbow and went stumbling back into the ropes. Sami threw him into the corner and bashed him with forearms until he had him down on the mat, propped up only by virtue of the turnbuckle. Going to the parallel corner, Sami charged Carter and hit a bootwash across his face. He got up, repeating the bootwash a second time. A third, more vicious bootwash followed, Callihan going between the ropes as the camera zoomed in on his snarling visage as he picked himself up. Moving away from the fallen Carter, he motioned to the crowd, pops going up as he went for a cannonball into Carter, but Jake rolled under the ropes. Sami caught nothing but turnbuckle as he hit, Jake tapping his index finger against his temple as he languished on the outside before forcing himself to his feet.

He rolled under the bottom rope and hopped up to his feet in one fluid motion, looking to the still recovering Callihan and grabbing him roughly. Yanking him to his feet, Carter threw him across the ring to the far corner then broke into a run, hitting an avalanche and staggering Sami. He backed away, Callihan falling to his knees, but he wasn’t done. Hefting him up, he nailed a buckle bomb, Callihan not moving for a good while afterward. Again, he picked him up and hit a muscle buster on him, shrugging him off and yelling to the referee to get down and start counting as he covered him.


Sami kicked out right as the three was counted, but it was futile. Jake stood and let the referee raise his hand in victory. The apparent combination of power and speed, or maybe Callihan’s own underestimation, had cost him the match. As he backed away to the mat, grabbing his belt and glaring at Carter, Jake only smiled.

“It’s nothin’ personal, bro. I’m just better,” the camera mics picked up from Carter as the show continued on.

Camera focused on someone walking down the hall, dressed in a black t-shirt and baggy jeans with a black bag strapped over his shoulder as he came to stop at the door of The Nation of Intoxication. Sigh being set on the cigarette in his hand as he pressed it against the door to push it open quietly to reveal Lucky tHURTeen and Buggy Nova in there already. “I know things have been rough lately with uh..things but try not to think about it. You’ll do great out there Bugs.” he told her as a smile instantly appeared on her lips as they gave a quick kiss to one another. Suddenly the rough sounding voice of the man, obviously known as Devon Moore now came out of silence with his mocking of the smaller mans words to his girlfriend. “Yeah, you’ll do great out there Bugs. Might as well eat a fucking carrot too since to don’t e-..” not able to finish the sentence the smaller man chunked the beer can already in his hand at his friend in anger, turning around with a hateful glare that was rare if ever seen from him while Nova took a step back.

"You just can’t let it go can you? We’re trying to move on past all of this and all you’re doing is holding a grudge and making things worse than they ever were Dev! And I’m sick of it, I’m sick of your shit right now. First you put your hands on Nat and then you constantly give her grief for no reason at all. She didn’t do shit to you!" Lucky raised his voice in return but not to the point of yelling, just making it obvious to his friend and everyone watching that he was upset and although he was it seemed to have no effect on Devon who just had this huge shit eating grin on his face now as he let the strap of his bag fall down his arm until the bag fell on the ground. "You wanna fucking go ya midget fuck? Ya getting pretty fuckin’ ballsy cuz and I ain’t done nothing but test your ass to see how uptight you’d get when it came to your bitch. Just like Danny, always getting fucking pissy if anyone makes a negative comment to his ol’ lady." he replied now shoving himself past his friend or trying to before tHURTeen grabbed him by the shirt to yank him back, extending his arms out and shoving him as hard as he could in the chest after he’d been pulled back.

There was an attempt at further self control as the smaller man took a deep breath now reaching up running his hands through his hair. “You just don’t fucking get it, at all! You are so fucking butthurt over Britani’s supposed tragic removal of you from the Nation yet you haven’t done anything to deserve to be here with us, nothing at all Devon fucking Moore! Do you think attracting the women makes you a man because at this point all you’ve done is just proved you’re a sexist, uncaring son of a bitch and why any woman would want you or stick around for you just makes no fucking sense!” While Lucky was ripping into Moore the antsy Nova remained in the background just flinching a bit while trying to keep her head down, not wanting to bring any further attention to herself while she had no exit in their locker room without having to pass Dev who as Lucky mentioned already put his hands on her before. Usually the goofy loving guy of the Nation was hardly that person, normally being one to get in between those who tried to fight each other if they were people he cared for but now he was getting right into the other mans face.

Devon didn’t budge, didn’t make any sudden movements or even say anything immediately. The only way of knowing something in that ass chewing upset him was by the angry expression that now appeared on his face. “Know what midget fuck? Just fuckin’ jealous because bitches dig me and unlike you and Danny I ain’t dumb enough to go catch serious fucking feelings and have some dumb bitch control my life cuz. Besides even fucking Danny knows that the only reason that psycho looking bitch is with you ‘cause she feels sorry for your ass. Ain’t no one else out there dumb enough to get with a man who lacks.” Taunting his friend as he held his hand up high over the shorter man’s head, attacking his height. “Ay when you think she’s gonna get tired of your weird little ass and find a real fucking man you short piece of shit.” Moore’s words finally reaching their limits with an already angry Lucky who lunged himself forward, pouncing on top of his friend while dishing out a bunch of fists as the two men began to scramble in the corner of the Nation’s locker oom while Buggy started yelling at the both of them. “STOP IT! STOP! You guys are suppose to be friends, there’s no need for this!” her words though went unheard.

As the brawl continued both men could be seeing exchanging blows, shoving one another, getting in each others faces before either of them came to a stop now just standing there with their noses touching and breathing heavily before Lucky went to shoving Devon back again against the wall this time. “Want to act like a badass Dev? Then lets bring it to the ring, see how tough you really are since you act like you’re the man. Want to put your hands on someone? Stop putting them on women and fucking face me if you have the balls.” Hitting a nerve obviously as he spoke because Devon quickly reached out with one hand alone and wrapped it around Lucky’s neck while shoving him harshly against the other side of the wall. Again their noses near touching again as a scowl could been seen on the Notorious Scumbag’s face. “You got yourself a fucking deal cuz, lets see who the slacker is in this bitch because I guarantee you it ain’t me you dumb sack of shit.” Dev replied, releasing his hold but not before pushing the smaller man’s head in the wall by the force on his throat. Lucky instantly going to  rub his throat when the taller man took a step back, glancing over at Buggy and then spitting in the direction of the man he deemed as his friend. “See you out in the ring midget fuck, might want to bring your fucking backup.”