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WWE 'Thursday Night RAW', is the newest WWE wrestling brand. TNR broadcasts weekly each Thursday.

*This is all a part of a WWE roleplay. This is not real and we are not affiliated with the WWE. See here for more details/if you have questions.*

It’s the last match of the night and as promised, Triple H had a secret opponent for Dolph Ziggler. The world champion emerged from the back, all pumped up with the title wrapped around his waist. Lilian Garcia announced that the following match was for the WWE Championship. While Ziggler was all hyped up, he was far from happy with the situation.

The screen showed a pre-recorded segment backstage with Dolph Ziggler on the phone. Chuck Taylor passed by and Dolph grabbed him by the arm. “Hey, hey, hey! Get back here!” Dolph exclaimed. “I’ll call you back,” he muttered into his phone before stowing it away. “What the hell was that all about? Last TNR?” Dolph inquired, shoving him against the wall.

Chuck let out a laugh, knowing what Dolph was referring to. “I make a good Dolph Ziggler, don’t I?” he replied.

Dolph shook his head, flashing a rather sarcastic laugh. “No, first of all, you WISH you could pull this off. You don’t even have the ass for it,” he replied, causing Chuck to frown because of Dolph pointing out his pancake butt. “Second,” Dolph continued. “I know you and Veda are the reason why I’m forced to defend my title tonight.”

Chuck let out a long, overdrawn, high-pitched gasp. “I will not stand around here and allow myself to be slandered like this!” Chuck said. “I’ll have you know that Veda and I haven’t said a word to Mr. Helmsley that week.” He slapped Dolph’s shoulder lightly and smiled. “But good luck tonight anyway… champ!” Chuck winked at Dolph and walked off from the scene. Dolph looked down at the spot Chuck touched with disgust.

The screen showed the ring again and this time, Dolph was in the ring, doing light jogs in place. He looked towards the stage, wondering who his opponent will be. When Dean Ambrose’s music hit, Dolph’s face contorted a bit in reaction. He accepted his fate and stood determined in the ring. Meanwhile, Dean was emotionless. It was just another Thursday for him. He was unreadable, and therefore unpredictable. He entered the ring, standing in front of Dolph who had unsling his belt from his waist and finally handed it over to the referee. The official raised the WWE Championship belt high up in the air. After surrendering it to the ringside crew, he signalled for the bell to be rung.

Dolph and Dean circled around each other like sharks in the ring. They locked up in the middle of the ring and Dolph immediately went behind Dean, grabbing him around the waist and taking him down on the canvas like an amateur wrestler. Soon after, Dolph wrapped his arm around Dean’s neck in a headlock. He turned Dean over on his back, pinning his shoulders to the mat. Dean instinctively kicked out and rushed to get back to his feet. The two glared at each other before locking up again. Dolph got behind him again but Dean knew better not to fall for that again so he grabbed for the ropes. The referee urged Dolph to back off. As Dolph was letting go, Dean punched him in the face quickly. Dolph doubled back, clutching his jaw.

The two had a staredown again before locking up. This time, Dean had the advantage, placing Dolph in a hammerlock. He managed to take Dolph down on the mat, still locked in. Dolph wrapped his arm around Dean’s neck and was struggling to get back to his feet but Dean remained in control by placing him in a headlock. Dolph pushed him towards the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Dean bounced back and took Dolph down with a forceful shoulder block tackle. As Dolph fell to the mat, Dean ran across the ring and bounced off twice. Dolph had sprung up in time to leapfrog him. He expected Dean to bounce back and prepared his fist but Dean grabbed hold of the rope again to stop his movement.

Dean walked up to Dolph casually, smirking at the champion, before getting dropkicked on the chest by the blonde. Dolph went for the early pin but Dean kicked out immediately. Dolph picked Dean up to get him back to his feet and executed a Snapmare Takedown. Dolph took a few steps back and landed some hard elbows on Dean’s chest. After eight or nine elbows, Dolph got up and did his Ziggle Wiggle before landing one last elbow. He went for the pin again but Dean kicked out. Dean got up and rested on the edge of the ring, leaning against the ropes. Dolph charged at Dean and took him out with a Clothesline, taking himself out along the way.

The two crashed to the floor. Dolph got up first and picked Dean back up again and slammed his face into the apron before tossing him back inside. He went after Dean who was backing away into a corner. Dolph launched punches to his gut until Dean had enough and switched places with Dolph, dealing the same kind of punishment on the champion. He dragged Dolph over to another corner and smashed his face into the turnbuckle. Dean smushed Dolph’s cheeks together with one hand before going for another punch but Dolph ducked and turned the tables on Dean and punching him in the head. They moved away from the corner and brawled in the ring, exchanging shots. Dean whipped Dolph across the ring but Dolph reversed the momentum. He leapt up, expecting to execute an aerial attack but Dean grabbed him by his thighs, slamming his back down on the hard canvas. Dean paced around before dropping to the mat to cover Dolph but the champion kicked out at one.

Dean kept Dolph on the ground and turned him over, placing his hands on Dolph’s face and then shackled Dolph with a headlock. Dolph was slowly getting up to his feet, looking to escape the hold, but Dean slammed him back down on the ground. Dolph was grasping at the air, refusing to give up, even when he was being choked out. Dolph was getting back up to his feet slowly, determined to fight back. He broke free and kneed Dean in the gut and threw punches into his midsection. Dolph ran across the ring and leapt over Dean to take him down with a Sunset Flip. He went for the pin but only got a two-count. Dean rolled over and took Dolph down by his legs with a pin of his own. The two took turns, attempting to pin each other. Dean finally kicked him in the gut and lifted Dolph for a Suplex but the champion countered tackled Dean with his shoulder when he turned around to face him.

Dolph had rested in the corner and started climbing up the turnbuckles. Dean stopped him from attempting anything and punched Dolph while he’s still on top. Dean launched a Suplex on Dolph from the top rope. He covered Dolph for the pin but it ended at two. Dean was feeling mischievous while waiting for the champion to get back to his feet. He went over to the corner and scaled the turnbuckles. Before he could do anything significant, Dolph ran up to his corner and hopped up to execute a Facebuster from the top rope on Dean. Dolph felt that this was the end so he dramatically turned Dean over to pin him but Dean kicked out again!

The two men were tired, exhausted and frustrated. They didn’t have the energy to get back up quickly. When they did, Dean locked Dolph’s arms behind his back but Dolph reversed this into a pin attempt. Dean kicked out and proceeded to walk over to a corner but Dolph tripped him up and Dean’s face crashed into one of the turnbuckles. Dolph set Dean up in the corner and climbed up to start a 10 Punch sequence on Dean which the crowd chanted along with. Dolph got off and ran across the ring. Dean had come out from his corner but he was just taken down again but Dolph who launched himself onto the former champion. He hooked Dean’s leg and went for the pin again but only got a two-count!

Dolph picked Dean up and whipped him across the ring, which Dean reversed. When Dolph came running back, Dean caught him to flip him around for a Backbreaker but Dolph countered by placing Dean in a sleeperhold. Dean countered this with a thunderous suplex. Dean thought he had the win in the bag but when he hooked Dolph’s leg, the champion willed out and had a shoulder up at two. He got up, dragging Dolph along with him and punching him in the face. Dolph shoved Dean off and went for the Fame-asser but Dean countered and rolled Dolph up for a pin but the champion kicked out in time again. When the two got back to their feet, Dolph went for another Fame-asser and this time it connects! The finisher knocked the wind out of his sails, that’s for sure. Dolph slowly turned Dean over on his back and plopped right on top of him for the cover. The referee made the count: one… two… three!!

After a competitive match-up, “Here to Show the World” blasted the speaker system of the arena. The referee requested for the title and helped Dolph to get back up. Suddenly, a manly figure wearing a blonde wig started running down the ramp. Why, it’s Chuck Taylor! And he’s carrying around… a Money in the Bank briefcase? He was being followed by Veda Scott who was dressed as a referee. After the referee handed the title over to Dolph, Chuck slid into the ring and started beating down Dolph with the briefcase. He got up, smirking and handing the briefcase over to Veda, signifying that he was “cashing in.” He picked Dolph up and laid him out with the Awful Waffle. He hooked Dolph’s leg and Veda dropped to the mat to make the count. One… two… three. Chuck got up and celebrated like he won the title again. Michael Cole reminded the viewers that Dolph was still the champion but Chuck and Veda didn’t care. They kissed passionately over Dolph’s body in celebration.

Laughter could be heard as the camera zoomed in to see a various of the divas walk into the locker room all gasping in surprise as a table was set up in decorations, plates with food from cookies to cupcakes with balloons for decoration along with a large ‘Happy Birthday’ dangling along the middle of it. A few of them just looked around at each other before they ended up nudging the short blonde forward, Candice Lerae now approaching as she looked to the goodies set out. “Looks like you have a secret admirer!” Layla spoke up as a few of the girls gathered around behind her again now watching as she’d taken the card from a thing of beautiful red roses that had been sitting there in a purple vase. Needless to say it’d left a smile on her face as well as others as they all watched in excitement while she read the small note, “Happy early birthday Candice, hoping I can bring a little sugar and spice in your life!” yet with no name attached they’d all agreed that was what it was.

"I don’t know you guys…" she said now looking over to them but they continued to motion their hand out to get her to focus on everything but there were so many questions to be asked and it was obvious despite the awe on her face. Even Renee Young was there for the surprise as she began to speak up this time with most of them getting impatient. "Go on, what’s under the lid?" followed by a bunch of "Yeah! Open it!" which of course had the blonde smiling as she began to peak into it, slowly lifting the lid only to half way reveal a beautiful cake that was decorated in pink, purple and light blue and had a beautiful picture of her on top of it. Maybe that was all to strange to her but it was beautiful none the less and someone obviously went out of their way to have something like that made. "Come on ladies, grab a cupcake…" Summer added as she pushed her way to the front along with Maryse who’d handed Candice a knife to cut her cake.

The three blonde women were just as giddy and happy despite some of the other divas behind them not amused by being pushed aside from the soon birthday girl’s so called “friends” but they didn’t say a word aside from the dirty mocking looks. With Rae now handing out the cupcakes to them Candice turned back to the cake and all the girls basically made a toast to her with the sweet treats before going to take a bite. Though it seemed only Summer and Maryse were stupid enough to take a bite just as Candice had opened the lid further which sent all three blondes screaming as green slime came from the cupcakes and right as LeRae glanced at them and the lid fell forward she’d turned back and the cake soon exploded into a slimy mess getting all three of the girls mainly in the ooze but some of the other divas as well as squeals could be heard along with curses and movement of the others escaping the lockeroom as quick as they could leaving the blonde threesome covered in goo.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" a happy shout came as all three turned around to see the strange diva known as Buggy Nova standing there with a birthday hat on the top of her head while letting off a party popper right before she clapped her hand in excitement. "Oh Candice, you know green just might be your color after all. Can’t say the same for the other two…ladies." acting as if it was extremely painful to call both Summer and Maryse ladies as she spoke. It was clear all of them were angry but none of them could speak just yet as sounds of disapproval escaped their lips while trying to remove some of the green slime from their faces just in time as Britani Knight also popped her head into the room. "Terribly sorry for being late! Seems as if there was a large crowd of screaming girls making their way down the hall." the sly half grin appearing on her lips as she brought out a birthday hat of her own, acting as if she’d forgotten to put it on but in reality it just wasn’t something she was quite into as Nova was so she quickly distracted the girls by speaking up again. "Oh Summer, darling you look a little….green."

A loud high pitched scream escaped Summer’s lips as she stomped her feet before making her way out of the locker room but not before stopping right in front of BitchCraft as they stood there with huge smiles on their faces. “This isn’t over!” she screeched before storming off, Maryse soon following behind her who despite being covered in slime had managed to flip her ooze filled hair before hurrying out. Both then turned back to Candice who while didn’t look happy also didn’t look angry, maybe hurt even. She and Buggy had a lot of history, a huge knock out drag out type feud back in the day but the two of them had sense made up and become close. That was before she’d joined up with Summer and Maryse as well as before Buggy had decided not to let people run her over anymore. A sigh shortly left her lips though as she slowly made her way out but not before stopping in front of them as well only to get a sarcastic little remark from Knight again, “You might want to get cleaned up love, you look a bit messy yeah?” which of course earned a go to hell look from the blonde as she then turned to Buggy as well with a questioning look.

"You know what they say…." the eerie diva said in such a happy little tone that was enough to make Candice grit her teeth but not make a sudden movement even as Buggy came closer to her before finishing what she was saying. "Good friends," now running her finger over some of the slime that was on LeRae’s cheek as she brought it to her lips now licking it off and looking quite satisfied, "Better enemies. Happy birthday Candice." with a little wave Nova then skipped right out of the room leaving Britani there who just gave a huge smile to the blonde before following behind her friend leaving a sad Candice LeRae there alone in the room as she crossed her arms, pushing her back against the wall as she looked to be upset from what had just occurred as she slumped down to the floor just as the camera cut out, ending the segment so the show could go on.

Summer Rae manages to get the win over Allysin Kay with the help of Maryse.

As RAW came backstage, the familiar sound of bickering could be heard from just down the hall. The camera followed the noise down the hall in the direction of the back of the arena, revealing an agitated looking Cody Rhodes sitting on one of the many production crates. With him was Chuck Taylor, hovering just out of arms reach with a wide smile on his face to counteract the displeased expression of the Georgia native.

“Come on, pal, smile! It’s good for ya, a lot better than moping about everywhere back here all the time.” Chuck’s words were the first clear piece of conversation picked up by the speakers and Cody’s response came even more clearly as his voice seemed to raise for just a moment in automatic response to the comment.

“I’m not moping!” Catching himself, Rhodes frowned and raised his hands to rub at his temples in agitation, missing as Chuck’s expression faltered into a frown. “Hey, don’t you have friends now or something that you can bother? I thought we were done with this whole… Thing.”

“Just cause we’re not trying to ruin each other anymore doesn’t mean I can’t make time to check on you, buddy!” Chuck’s response seemed to come effortlessly as he smiled at the other yet again before asking. “How’s the head?”

“I’d like to officially decline all further instances of your concern,” Cody’s words sounded more like he was speaking about an actual business transaction rather than about future interactions with his previous arch nemesis, “and my head is fine. Never been better.”

“Come on, Rhodes.” It was clear that Chuck wasn’t buying it and didn’t plan on letting himself be brushed off as easily as Cody was trying. “I’m showing real, genuine concern here! The least you can do is give me a serious answer.”

Cody appeared to be taken back at that, eyeing the other man with a mixture of skepticism and confusion. His prolonged silence was a clear sign that he wasn’t sure on how to respond or if he should take the other seriously. The Kentucky Gentleman appeared to expect it, waiting patiently for him to speak up—a surprising event for the normal interactions between the men. Just as Cody appeared to be opening his mouth to respond, the sound of the heavy doors leading outside interrupted him. The two men turned their heads toward the source of the noise and Cody’s expression immediately twisted into a scowl. He slid to his feet just as Danny Havoc entered the view of the camera, grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, well. You two faggots finally confessing to each other? Took you long enough, though I get wanting to shed some blood before getting to the real shit—”

“Fuck off, Havoc. Actually, hold that thought. Mind telling me where I can go that you won’t fucking pop up?” Cody’s angry retort cut not only Danny off but Chuck as well, the Kentucky native having been about to voice his own displeasure. Rhodes didn’t give any chance for an answer from the leader of the Nation of Intoxication, however, appearing to change his mind yet again. “Nevermind, it’s not important. I can fucking walk away faster than you can hobble anyway. Move, Taylor.”

Chuck was quick to sidestep as Cody pushed past him, looking completely baffled as he watched the Georgia native storm down the hall. Just in time, it appeared, to be met by Dean Ambrose. The two teammates appeared to have a quiet debate which became more agitated the moment Ambrose looked down the hall to see the mirthful Havoc and wary Taylor, taking a step toward them before Cody pushed him in the opposite direction. As the more violent of the two consented, the camera turned back to show Danny Havoc laughing, leaned comfortably on his crutches while Chuck Taylor appeared to be recovering from a mild heart attack.

Jake Carter strutted to the ring to Saliva’s Ladies and Gentlemen, the crowd booing him heavily. Looking bored, he stretched using the ring ropes, only to toss a look over his shoulder as a commotion on the titantron caught his attention.

“Did you see who hit you?” RAW GM Triple H could be seen standing next to a hunched over Callihan as trainers worked to get him to his feet, but he was shaky. Finally, a few got under his arms and propped him up, allowing someone to shine a light into either eye and before he shook his head at the GM, indicating he’d be no good for a match. Not tonight, at least.

“I dunno, man, we was walkin’. Me an’ Jess, then the lights went out and boom, next thing I know she’s standin’ over me with you guys askin’ me if I can move my fingers an’ shit,” Sami confessed, blinking hard as he tried to adjust to the brightness of the room.

“Try to think, was there anything, Callihan, anything at all that might point to who laid you out? I can’t have guys runnin’ around waylayin’ champs.. Anything?”

“I mean, like, there was like, this weird laugh, but I never heard it from any of the guys back here before,” he tried, Jessie McKay nodding along as she rubbed his arm.

“It was kinda high pitched, an’ loike, manic? I guess?” she chipped in, shrugging, at their boss, but he seemed as stumped as they were.

“What’s the bottom line, here?” he asked the trainers.

“Possible concussion, we need to send him to the local ER to make sure it’s nothing worse than that,” the trainer answered, and Triple H, nodded. He rubbed his jaw thoughtfully, doing his best not to seem outwardly stressed as RAW cut to a quick commercial break.

“I don’t know what it is you think you’re doing, Brit, but I’ve had enough of it,” Summer’s indignant voice came chasing the Norwich native down the hall as she linked arms with Buggy Nova, having been making their way toward NoI’s locker room.

“I do a lot of things to a lot of people, Summer, you’re going to have to be specific,” Britani answered airily, turning with her best friend in tow.

“Getting Stephanie involved in everything. Don’t think I don’t see what game you’re playing, because I do! I so do!” she jabbed her finger in her face and Buggy leaned forward to snap at it, Summer squeaking as she hurriedly pulled it away.

With a long, tired sigh, Britani disentangled herself from Nova, “I forget you weren’t here for that whole ordeal, so I’ll give you the short version— I threatened to burn her house down with all the little McMahons in it, Summer. So, if you want a piece of me, you’re going to just have to grab your pitchfork and join the rest of the mob since I suppose Stephy Dearest is the one leading it.”

Summer got directly in her face, “I’m going to beat Allysin tonight, and when I’m done, I’m going to finish what we started.”

“Okay, pumpkin,” Britani patted her on the cheek with a serene smile causing her to scoff loudly and back off, turning to stomp away from the pair.

“Brit, I think you hurt her feelings..” Buggy told her with a lopsided smile. “Aww, Summer, come back, I won’t bite you! Hard. I won’t bite you hard, I pwomise!”

“See, now, Summer, you’re supposed to be the one who understands how women and friendships work and how empowered females unite or something or other, I don’t know, all that teamwork shit sounds just perfectly fucking awful, I need a drink on that note,” Britani started to call out after her, but she turned to Buggy who shared a laugh with her at the blonde’s expense instead.

Buggy linked her arm once more in Brit’s, “Our kingdom awaits!”

As the cameras returned to ringside, C.M. Punk and Bad News Barrett had already made it to the ring. Both men appeared eager for a fight, Punk being seen setting his briefcase down out on the steel steps near the announcers while the bare-knuckle brawler loosened up in the ring. Excited murmuring could be heard throughout the arena as the referee checked with each man to ensure they were ready, both responding impatiently to the checks.

The bell rang and the two men wasted no time in going at each other, Wade moving in for a lock up which Punk acted as though he was going for as well before ducking straight underarm. Once behind the Englishman, he landed a hard kick to the back of Wade’s knee in attempt to bring him to the mat but it would take more than that to take his opponent down. Wade took a pained step forward before turning around, saving the back of his leg from yet another kick which instead landed on his thigh. Punk changed tactics quickly, going for a spinning kick to the head but Wade ducked under it, taking his turn to end up behind the other.

Not one for wasting time, Barrett ran at the ropes and rebounded off them just in time to catch Punk as he spun around with a hard forearm. Hitting the mat hard, the Straight Edge superstar wasted no time in getting back to his feet but was met with another forearm to send him back to the mat. He bounced up yet again, this time smart enough to duck under the incoming forearm and hook it with his own to perform an impromptu swinging neckbreaker.

The crowd cheered as he hopped back to his feet, rubbing the back of his neck in a show of mock sympathy for Wade, who was in the process of getting back to his own feet. Before he could make it past a knee, however, Punk had started his usual series of kicks. Wade’s arms came up automatically to protect his chest from the harsh kicks, managing to catch his foot on the third kick. Much to the Chicago native’s dismay, Barrett kept a strong grip on his leg as he climbed back up to his feet, malicious intent written on his features. Before the Bearer of Bad News could take advantage, however, Punk threw a forearm of his own. Wade stumbled, but didn’t release the leg and Punk went for another hit, but the Englishman leaned back out of reach, yanking the Straight Edge male’s leg up and sweeping his free one out from under him with a swipe of his own leg.

This time as Punk’s back hit the mat he didn’t get up immediately, Barrett twisting his trapped leg viciously before stomping straight down onto Punk’s midsection. Repeating the action, he topped it off with slamming the man’s leg down onto the mat, watching as his opponent immediately rolled away gripping his midsection. He followed, gripping the smaller man by the hair to drag him to his feet before beginning to lift Punk up for what looked to be Winds of Change. Punk fought out of it, however, managing to weasel his way free before backing up to the corner in a clear defensive measure.

Wade made as if to follow after him, but the referee halted his progress as Punk could immediately be heard demanding to “keep him back!” Barrett appeared to be less than amused by the new tactic, letting himself be pushed back to the middle of the ring as Punk relaxed in the corner. The peace didn’t last long, however, and the official was soon pushed aside in favor of charging at Punk, who quickly brought up a booted foot to meet him halfway.

As Barrett stumbled back with a hand to his face Punk lifted himself up onto the turnbuckle, soon leaping off it with intent to hit a flying bulldog. He was caught mid-air on the other’s shoulders, his opponent transitioning the mood into Wasteland with seemingly little effort. Wade quickly went for a pin, only to have Punk kick out at the count of two. Shortly thereafter, as the Straight Edge male rolled to the apron for a respite, Sheamus’ music started playing over the loudspeakers and immediately diverted the Englishman’s attention away from his subdued opponent.

While Wade was preoccupied with the unexpected interruption, Punk had edged his way down the apron in the direction of the announcers. The Money in the Bank briefcase was still sitting safely on the steel steps and he took hold of it before rolling back under the ropes into the ring. As the cameras focused on Barrett getting ready to yell his retort to the Irishman, Punk could be seen getting to his feet with the briefcase in hand. Mere seconds later the Englishman was dropping against the ropes thanks to being blindsided with the briefcase directly to the back of his head and shoulders.

As the bell rang and the newly laid out Barrett was announced the winner via disqualification, Punk lowered the briefcase to his side. Turning his gaze from his downed opponent, the Straight Edge male leveled a glare at Sheamus. Despite the technical win belonging to Wade, it was Punk’s music that played out over the speakers as he raised the briefcase into the air silently, RAW fading out from ringside.

"Give me back my title!" the show returned backstage just in time to watch the small blonde throw herself at Shelly tackling her to the floor while the title she mentioned clattered to the ground beside them as Shelly tried to defend herself.  Catching Shelly in the face with a punch Alexa them climbed off of her and scrambled for her title only for Shelly to snatch her by the leg and pull her back. Twisting around to face her Alexa kicked out wildly with her other foot and managed to get free of Shelly and scurried the last couple feet to her belt before snatching it up and clutching it tightly against her chest as several officials finally appeared and did their best to keep the two women separated. "You’re insane! We’re you raised in a darn barn?"

"Says whore barbie who stole my boyfriend."

"He wasn’t your boyfriend! He’s not even mine!" Letting out a frustrated noise Alexa tried to fix her appearance before glaring back over at Shelly again. "You seriously need to get-did you-ohmygawd"

Alexa fell silent after that unsure of what else to really say. She’d had a lot of things happen to her in life and recently because of wrestling some real weird moments but she’d never in her life had someone spit at her, let alone in her face. 

Mutely she took a handkerchief offered by the nearest official and wiped her face off before taking a deep breath trying to calm herself down and really just refusing in general to break in front of what she considered to be such a horrible person.

"What’s the matter princess? I hurt your wittle feelings?"

"You’re disgusting. I honestly felt bad for the longest time that you seemed to be so upset about Devon but I don’t anymore and I don’t care if that somehow means I’m a bad person. He. Wasn’t. Your. Boyfriend. He didn’t want you and I’m starting to think your lack of everything is the real reason why and not because of me. If you want to wrestle because you want the title then maybe try winning some matches and we can go again but if you want to keep attacking me because of a boy and not because of the woman’s title I am done with you." While the words weren’t anywhere close to the harshest things ever heard the intent was clear. Alexa would no longer be letting her focus be anywhere besides her belt.

"Figure out what you want." Turning on her heel the woman’s champion hurried away from Shelly and the cameras.

Edge manages to steal the win in his return against Sheamus.